Primo Pads for Vari-Kennel


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How To Measure Your Plastic Crate

Measure the floor dimensions of your crate. DO NOT measure the outside.

Vari Kennel Pad Dimensions 

200=16″ x 22″

300=16″ x 26.5″

400=18″ x 30″

500=21″ x 32.5″

700=24″ x 39″


Customer Reviews

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Hailey V
my go to kennel pad

my 2nd ever primo pad arrived today, and i was worried it wasnt going to fit into my kennel since my kennel isnt any of the brands listed; however, it fit perfectly. people say these pads are stiff and uncomfortable, but honestly… no. they may be a little stiff, but thats because they are literally made for dogs to not be able to chew it up. primo pads will always be my go to pad, because it is way better then having my dog hurt her elbows on a 1 cm thick bath mat 24/7.

anyways, here is my cow with her new primo pad!

Lisa clowes
The Best Crate Pads

We purchased two crate pads. One was custom. Eric was a pleasure to work with. Joseph our Doberman loves his new pads and so do we! They clean so easily. After Joseph does dock diving or any other activity I can just wipe them down. I highly recommend them.

Mini Bull Terrier proof!!

I can't applaud this product enough!! Tuxxx has destroyed every blanket and bed he's ever had, mostly if we happen to leave during the day and gets crated. I got his new pad in the mail on my birthday. So I put it in his crate right away without thinking about it at all, then we left. We came back and his new pad was absolutely perfect! I was floored!! I used my steamer to sanitize it and its so much easier than washing and dying it every week! Now I'm placing 5 more orders for my Frenchies!

Airways General 0m
Fits Similar Kennel/LOVE IT

I have an Essentials brand 40 inch plastic carrier (dimensions L39” x W26” x H29.5”). It is most similar to the Vari-Kennel 500 size. I was nervous about purchasing a pad that wasn’t made specifically for my kennel, but my fears were assuaged when I set it into the kennel. WOW! Fits like a glove. See the photo for yourself. I don’t think my dog would be able to dig it out to destroy it because of how snugly it fits.
**One recommendation when installing: insert flat with corners slightly curled under to conform to rounded kennel corners.

Very happy with the quality for price, customer service, & shipping speed of this pad. To top it all off, it is made in the USA!

Danielle Davidheiser
Perfect fit

My dog Radar pees in her kennel on anything soft but I like her to have a crate pad. I thought maybe with the Primo material she wouldn’t be tempted to pee on it, but it would be something more comfortable than the bare crate. And it works, no more crate peeing! Plus it’s easy wash after she has her Kong and drools all over it. She also digs on it if a treat goes between the crate wall and the pad and it shows no signs of destruction. Great pad for a tough dog!