Primo Pads for Vari-Kennel


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How To Measure Your Plastic Crate

Measure the floor dimensions of your crate. DO NOT measure the outside.

Vari Kennel Pad Dimensions 

200=16″ x 22″

300=16″ x 26.5″

400=18″ x 30″

500=21″ x 32.5″

700=24″ x 39″


Customer Reviews

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Danielle Davidheiser
Perfect fit

My dog Radar pees in her kennel on anything soft but I like her to have a crate pad. I thought maybe with the Primo material she wouldn’t be tempted to pee on it, but it would be something more comfortable than the bare crate. And it works, no more crate peeing! Plus it’s easy wash after she has her Kong and drools all over it. She also digs on it if a treat goes between the crate wall and the pad and it shows no signs of destruction. Great pad for a tough dog!

Joan Bennett
Primo pad

We have had the primo pad for about a week. It fits the crate perfectly. My dog is quite the destroyer, but so far has not ruined the pad.

Good pad

The pads are good, but I didn't realize the newer Vari-Kennels are not the same as the old Vari-Kennels, and so the size of the pads I got does not fit in the crate. They are perfect for the few old Vari-Kennels we have.

Laura Yaghy

Ive always loved primo pads!!! So helpful that they're waterproof since I often put dogs back in their crates in the car wet after training. With primo pads all I have to do is dry them off instead of doing loads of laundry as it would be with other bedding.

Eric Long
Great pads for our Bullmastiffs

We just bought 10 pads for our 700 and 500 varikennels. BUT the reason we did so is because we bought some over 12 years ago and they are still in one piece! One is with a boy that is 8 years old and he is a digger. So it has worn thin with 8 years of abuse. These pads give our heavy guys a lot of comfort under their bedding. EZ to pull out and clean on bedding day. Stiff enough that the diggers can not flip them over or bend them. Great product.