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Primo Pads are designed for a tight fitment inside of your Impact Crate.



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Ronald Upton
The best crate for for my Impact dog crate

This crate pad is made strong and the fit and finish is amazing! Im so glad I got this for my impact dog crate it ticks in snugly at the corners so my dog can’t pull it up and chew through it, yet is comfortable too so he stays comfy while in his crate. Thanks!!!

Rachel V
Best pad we’ve bought!

Our impact crates came with similar pads, but within 2 weeks our Malinois puppies were able to pull up a corner and chew them. We then had a bed in the crate, after a week this was chewed up. These pads are a very tight fit with no seams sticking out for them to chew on, so two weeks in they’re still intact! These were half as much as the Impact brand pads, definitely worth it.

Sarah P.
Best crate pads for tough dogs

I have two working line GSD’s and a GSD/bully breed rescue that needs to be crated while I’m away from home. These pads have served me for several years (first purchased in 2016) and they are the only product I’ll purchase from now on. They’re difficult for destructive or anxious dogs to get a grip on and tear up, but provide a nice cushion so my dogs aren’t laying on metal. They are also super easy to clean when it comes to accidents or dirt/mud being tracked in which is a huge plus!

Primo Pads are the Best!

Primo pads are perfect for every type or size of dog crates. A necessity for dogs who tend to eat bedding. Primo pads give joint support and prevent calluses from forming. Repeat customer A+++

Great product

I absolutely loved this product. It fit my dog’s impact crate nicely and provided a nice cushion for his crate…Unfortunately my dog has extreme separation anxiety so he tore it up the second time we left him alone with it in his crate…It was nice while it lasted. Definitely want to get another one once we can hell him calm down when we’re gone.