Primo Pads for Ruff Land Kennels

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193 reviews for Primo Pads for Ruff Land Kennels

  1. Hannah (verified owner)

    The perfect kennel pad!

  2. Matthew A. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and durable

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fits y Rough tough kennel perfectly and provides a great cushion for those long trips in the car

  4. Neil (verified owner)

    Pretty good product. Fits the kennel nicely. Durable and comfortable. It would get 5 stars from me if the surface had some texture to it so that my dog could have a better grip.

  5. Lisa M. (verified owner)

    The pads have been great. They fit my kennels well and are easy to clean. Even my young puppy hasn’t ripped them up. My only regret is waiting so long to try out the pads!

  6. mark michie (verified owner)

  7. Sophie (verified owner)

    Love how easy it is to clean these up by just wiping them off!

  8. Robert Campanile (verified owner)

    Great pads

  9. Sara (verified owner)

  10. Rachael L. (verified owner)

    They fit perfectly! Love them!!

  11. Daniel (verified owner)

  12. Karen D. (verified owner)

  13. Cherie Blossfield (verified owner)

  14. Haley T. (verified owner)

  15. Brenda Murphy (verified owner)

  16. Joy (verified owner)

    The Primo Pads fit our new Ruff Land Kennels perfectly, they are snug, and cannot be lifted up by even by our tenacious 8 month old puppy.

  17. Erin G. (verified owner)

    Fit perfectly and were delivered quickly. Price was very good for quality of pads

  18. Kathleen H. (verified owner)

  19. Susan (verified owner)

  20. Sarah (verified owner)

  21. Tia (verified owner)

  22. Marissa G. (verified owner)

    Fits perfectly in my large RTK in my car! My only wish would be to have a slightly more grippy surface, but I simply lay a piece of yoga mat over it to make my dog a bit more comfortable when taking sharp turns or stopping short.

  23. Linda M. (verified owner)

    Fabulous product! They fit perfectly and so far the dogs are not attempting to chew them!!

  24. michael mccauley (verified owner)

    Seems like it is too small ordered for the medium crate but seems like it fits loose my dog seems to like it

  25. Nico S. (verified owner)

    I ordered three intermediate Ruffland primo pads in three different colors, they arrived sooner then I expected. The cost is outstanding for the product.

  26. Amber (verified owner)

    Fits great inside my intermediate RLK

  27. Kaitlyn (verified owner)

    I love Primo Pads. They work great for my dogs and fit perfectly in their Ruffland crates. Plus they’re super easy to clean.

  28. Jennifer (verified owner)

  29. Sarah (verified owner)

  30. Jonathan B. (verified owner)

    Came before the kennel I ordered and ordered this way later! Have yet to see how it fits in the ruffland, but the pad seems super legit and is well heat sealed. I think it will work great. Ordering was a breeze also, will probably order more for my soft crates also.

  31. Dawna M. (verified owner)

  32. Mitch W. (verified owner)

  33. DeAnna (verified owner)

    Fantastic fit and quality! Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. These clean up so easy!

  34. Frank (verified owner)

    The pad IMHO verges on being too thin. The email said (I hope my memory of the message is good here. I have deleted it.) thickness is 1¼”. I am unsure if it even is that thick. I believe the dog would be more comfortable on an additional ¼ to ½ inch. Other than that, the pad is great. The fit and construction are excellent.

  35. Connie (verified owner)

  36. Robyn M. (verified owner)

    Pads fit great, and shipping was easy to track! We are quite happy with the product.

    I am not sure how much my dog likes the pad, but he is still throwing a temper tantrum about not being allowed to ride shotgun in general (which in no way reflects on the pad quality!)

  37. Jennifer N. (verified owner)

    Fits great into the kennel, still waiting on my other sizes of ruffland kennels to arrive to try them out.

  38. Brenda (verified owner)

    I have these pads in all my Ruff Land Kennels, durable with a great fit.

  39. Peyton H. (verified owner)

  40. Shirley Gilchrest (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and really well made product!

  41. Lindsay K. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit into XL crate.

  42. Kim Stanton (verified owner)

    Love our primo pads! They wipe down easy, keep the dogs cool, take down sound of dogs moving in crate, and they don’t chew them! I have a primo pad in almost every crate in our house (6) and in my car (3). Every crate will always have one. I may put another in our older dogs crates, but a primo pad is always in there too!

  43. Kirsten W. (verified owner)

  44. Amanda P. (verified owner)

    This is the 2nd round of primo pads we’ve ordered and it’s the only thing I can use in my crates that my dogs won’t destroy while still giving them comfort. Very pleased!

  45. Abigail M. (verified owner)

  46. Anonymous (verified owner)

  47. Kathleen C. (verified owner)

  48. Cristi T. (verified owner)

  49. Milena Noble (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and very clean! Amazing quality of products! Highly recommended!

  50. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very nice quality. Perfect fit!

  51. Anonymous (verified owner)

  52. Justin L. (verified owner)

    The most durable and affordable kennel pad available. Convenience of cleaning is incomparable, too.

  53. Virginia M. (verified owner)

  54. Amanda (verified owner)

  55. Anonymous (verified owner)

  56. Anonymous (verified owner)

  57. Courtney G. (verified owner)

  58. John C. (verified owner)

    Great product and perfect fit in the kennel

  59. Michelle M. (verified owner)

  60. Walter C. (verified owner)

  61. David (verified owner)

    A perfect fit in my XL Ruff land kennel and the dog loves it.

  62. Wendy B. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit!

  63. Anne (verified owner)

  64. Jane D. (verified owner)

  65. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good price compared to others, seems durable. Wish it fit a little more flush.

  66. Timothy M. (verified owner)

    ! I had a last minute trip I had to take my lab on. The Primo Pad was a last minute find for his new kennel and I was beyond impressed! I have been telling everyone.

  67. George (verified owner)

  68. Laura Van Tassel (verified owner)

  69. Thomas S. (verified owner)

    This is my third Primo Pad purchased for 3 different crates for my puppy. They are very well made and fit perfectly in each crate. Plus I don’t have to worry about my pup digging them up and chewing on them like other pet beds I have tried. Well worth it!

  70. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love them!! They fit perfectly in my ruff land kennels, and look great too! The durability and quality is outstanding, my dogs sure are enjoying them!

  71. Hiram (verified owner)

    Love it

  72. Bella B. (verified owner)

  73. Peter D. (verified owner)

    3rd one I’ve both for the Intermediate, 7th overall

  74. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Haven’t been able to use yet since my kennel which I ordered before pad, hasn’t arrived.

  75. Jacqy McKay (verified owner)

  76. Linda (verified owner)

    Great kennel pad. Fit perfectly. Fast delivery. Quality product.

  77. Raina (verified owner)

    My primo pads arrived and I will definitely be ordering more!
    I needed something rough and tough enough to handle my Australian cattle dog crew and was skeptical until they arrived and the dogs haven’t destroyed them.

    Highly recommend for anyone with dogs

  78. Daniel (verified owner)

    Nice product! Very snug fitting and great price vs other options.

  79. Julie Grenfell (verified owner)

  80. Paul F. (verified owner)

    Good quality pads. They fit perfect in the ruffland kennels. Would def order more. Very happy with purchase

  81. Alex Silva (verified owner)

    The pad fits perfectly in the RuffLand kennel and seems super sturdy.

  82. Lee Nipper (verified owner)

  83. Kyle Sterkenburg (verified owner)

    My Primos pad arrived. Fit and quality of the Primos Pad is perfect in my Ruffland XL kennel
    My Red Lab loves it
    Took him hunting today and he slept all the way home.
    Thank you for a great Product

  84. Anonymous (verified owner)

  85. melody (verified owner)

  86. Anthony G. (verified owner)

    Love the primo pads we got! They fit perfectly in our ruff land kennels.

  87. Laurie Kirkpatrick (verified owner)

  88. Darren Brown (verified owner)

    Love them, very well made

  89. Devan (verified owner)

    We LOVE our new Primo Pads! They have been excellent for my board & train program, and have held up well to a dog that digs at the crate edges. We will definitely be ordering more in future!

  90. Teddi O. (verified owner)

    When you have a Malinois this is the only pad that stands a chance for them to have padding in their crates. Plus I love how easily they clean up.

  91. William (verified owner)

    Perfect fit. Easy to clean. Durable. Primo pads are the best!

  92. Janie Hale (verified owner)

    Ordered multiple primo pads for my kennels in my RV and house. Fit perfectly.

  93. Carla (verified owner)

  94. Shane House (verified owner)

  95. Colin F. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my primo pads. The fit perfect in my Ruff Tuff Kennels. Easy to clean and dogs do not mess with them.

  96. Greg S. (verified owner)

    The primo pad fits perfectly in the large RuffTuff kennel.

  97. Tyrone Brown (verified owner)

  98. Erin O. (verified owner)

    These are just the best pads. I have one in every crate. Easy to clean, very tough and supportive. I have dirty active working dogs and these pads have out preformed every other pad.

  99. Andrea (verified owner)

    These mats fit perfectly and are made very well.

  100. Payton B. (verified owner)

  101. Cynthia F. (verified owner)

  102. Tedd J. (verified owner)

  103. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My dogs have only used them a few times and seemed to be very comfortable laying on them. I like that they are easy to clean

  104. Todd E. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit! Dog loves the pad! Highly recommend!!

  105. Matt (verified owner)

    Perfect fit! Especially when the pads on the Ruffland’s website are sold out.

  106. Kate L. (verified owner)

  107. Shelby M. (verified owner)

  108. Barb (verified owner)

    So far, so good. I have a 14 month dog that eats everything and needed a pad for his Rough Land Kennel. The fit is quite tight, making getting an edge or corner to chew on more difficult. So far, it’s still in one piece.

  109. Gretchen (verified owner)

    The only crate pad I will buy! So easy to clean and very durable!

  110. Laura M. (verified owner)

    The pad fits perfectly in my XL Ruffland crate. Very happy with the speedy delivery and especially with the product. Note that it is a tight fit and this is *good* because the pad will not shift in the crate. It is firm, which is fine for our dogs.

  111. Kaitlyn (verified owner)

  112. Amanda Wheaton (verified owner)

    Perfect fit.

  113. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fits perfectly and so easy to wipe clean after trips to the lake.

  114. Amy S. (verified owner)

    I love that they have tgese specifically for the ruffland kennels. These fit nice & snug and are comfortable for the dogs. Being waterproof is a huge plus. I wouldn’t use anything else in my kennels.

  115. Rebecca (verified owner)

  116. Caleb A. (verified owner)

    Perfect, snug fit.

  117. Esther F. (verified owner)

  118. Angelica S. (verified owner)

    I love this pad, it fits perfectly inside our ruffland kennel. My pup is still young so she likes to scratch at things, this hasn’t torn once and its super easy to clean!

  119. Laura Hooser (verified owner)

  120. Kim Y. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit, good cushioning and fast shipping. A+

  121. Anonymous (verified owner)

  122. Kimberly Nelson (verified owner)

  123. Karen G. (verified owner)

    The size is correct and fits good in the crate.

  124. Jan K. (verified owner)

    This Primo Pad fits perfectly in my new RuffLand kennel (medium). And the price is easy on the budget as well. Thanks for offering this for these kennels! Great products! Thank you!

  125. Sasha S. (verified owner)

  126. Shelbey (verified owner)

    These things are AHHHH-MAZING!

  127. Whittney (verified owner)

  128. Jill P. (verified owner)

    I have tried several high end, expensive crate pads for my 7 month old black lab. She has been able to pull the edges up and chew them apart while in crate. We got to the point of making her sleep with no pad because it was safer. But, our trainer recommended the Primo pad and I cannot express enough how great this product has been. It fits our RuffLand Kennel perfectly snug, so my dog is leaving it alone. She now has comfort and I know she is safe.

  129. Anonymous (verified owner)

  130. Kaelyn W. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit!

  131. Danielle Hansen (verified owner)

    Great quality! Perfect fit!

  132. Roberta M. (verified owner)

  133. Jan W. (verified owner)

    Unsure of the snuggly fitting pad at this point. It’s been in the kennel we use for transport for about two weeks. I was disappointed that the there was not more cushioning. It’s not a lot softer than the kennel itself bu there is some give. So far our 1-year old lab, a distructive chewer when he wants to be, has not tried to chew the pad nor has he damaged it by scratching.

  134. Jodi (verified owner)

    Fits perfectly and snug into my Ruff Land kennel. Sturdy and easy to clean. Very happy with it!

  135. Peter G. (verified owner)

    Pad fit perfectly and looks great. Very sturdy, easy to clean and an overall nice pad for the dog to lay on.

  136. Raymond P. (verified owner)

  137. Lisa (verified owner)

    The fit is perfect and my dog hasn’t dug it up or chewed on it. Best thing is we can no longer hear nails clicking on the bottom of the kennel at night anymore. The whole pack sleeps so much better!

  138. Robin N. (verified owner)

    Awsome pads!! Awsome service!! I have dogs that dig in their crates. In 3 years none have been able to even puncture them. I wish I had bought them years ago. Worth every penny and the service is top notch.

  139. Jennifer W. (verified owner)

    Fits perfectly in my Ruffland. Love it! It keeps my precious pup from sliding around when driving and she is in the kennel.

  140. LeeAnna Thompson (verified owner)

  141. Kristin C. (verified owner)

    Fits great! I love the durability

  142. Jonathan D. (verified owner)

    The pad we ordered appears to be outstanding quality! Looking forward to see how it does with normal wear and tear! Best of all, made in the USA!!

  143. Kelsey Kirkpatrick (verified owner)

  144. Heather B. (verified owner)

  145. Rachel S. (verified owner)

    These fit perfectly, clean easily, & make car rides so much more comfortable! My girls love their Primo pads!

  146. margaret Shook (verified owner)

    Great Product!

  147. Geri (verified owner)

  148. Stephanie M. (verified owner)

    Fits the Ruffland kennel perfectly! We’re very happy with the pads. We have Primo pads in all of our dog crates.

  149. Lisa C. (verified owner)

  150. Bobby Morgan (verified owner)

  151. Karissa Solberg (verified owner)

    I have Primo Pads in all of my wire crates, so I was thrilled that they make them to fit Ruffland Kennels — even the various door options! I can’t imagine having anything else in my crates, as they are so easy to clean and the dogs love them.

  152. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent fit. Love the quality!

  153. Evelyn B. (verified owner)

  154. Shelley wingett

    We bought one primo pad, now we’re purchasing 6 more. Super happy with your purchases!

  155. Lindsey P. (verified owner)

  156. Jim (verified owner)

  157. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Pad is a little harder than I thought

  158. Justin Leidy (verified owner)

    These are the toughest pads on the market that I have discovered. They are the bees-knees for days afield with a gun dog. All of the mud, briars, sand and grit that a hunting dog is covered is relocated into his or her kennel. A Primo Pad is easily sprayed off in the driveway after a hunt or training session. Cannot be beat! And, these pads stand up to the abuse of my high strung Brittany as he has shredded and destroyed less durable and less desirable products.

  159. EILEEN M. (verified owner)

    I love my new purple Primo pads. I got them for an intermediate and large Ruffland kennels. They fit nice and snug and don’t slide or shift at all. My puppy was chewing her regular crate bed, but no problem with these. And my dirty herding dog doesn’t make them smell. Win Win!

  160. Pam Anders (verified owner)

    Excellent construction! Easy gate & love that it opens either direction! Best crate ever!!!!

  161. rose baldwin (verified owner)

  162. Mary Lou (verified owner)

  163. Leslie G. (verified owner)

    My new Primo pad fits perfectly in my Ruffland Kennel!

  164. Tracy (verified owner)

  165. Ann (verified owner)

    Perfect fit, easy to clean, scratch resistant!

  166. Kristen (verified owner)

  167. cindy reed (verified owner)

    great pad

  168. Kristin (verified owner)

    I have these for all my crates! They hold up well and are very easy to clean.

  169. Anonymous (verified owner)

  170. jaclyn d. (verified owner)

    The pad is very well made and very durable. Got it for my working malinois who likes to de-fluff all her beds. This one is holding up well and is not as enticing to destroy as other soft beds are. Fits her kennel perfectly and no corners are exposed.

  171. Eleza (verified owner)

  172. Laura F. (verified owner)

    Great pad that perfectly fits the RuffTuff kennels. It holds up well to my high anxiety dog that likes to dig, and it’s waterproof!

  173. Stephanie (verified owner)

    They fit perfectly and are exactly what I wanted!

  174. Beth J. (verified owner)

  175. Nicole (verified owner)

    Very happy with the primo pad I’ve purchased. I train my dogs often and they have to sit in their crates for their turn at club. The only issue I have is when water gets down between the pad and the crate, it gets kind of gross. I think this is just because of how the RTK is shaped. Remember to clean out the crate every once and a while.

  176. Brenda (verified owner)

  177. Teran G. (verified owner)

  178. Logan V. (verified owner)

    Really really loving these crate pads for my ruffland kennels. My dogs have shredded just about every bed or blanket I’ve tried to use in their crates, but these pads have not had any issues! Finally we have a way to prevent elbow calluses!

  179. Jill L. (verified owner)

    Always perfectly sized for my crates, super resilient, and great customer service and fast shipping

  180. Lura D. (verified owner)

    They fit perfectly! I like that water can drain down past the pad and it doesn’t affect my dog. So easy to clean the crate pad.

  181. Jacqueline H. (verified owner)

    These are the Best pads for any kennel or crate. So easy to clean, comfy for dogs and darn good looking too. Thank you!

  182. kelly C. (verified owner)

    Fit perfectly and look great! 3 weeks in and my super super hasn’t been able to put a scratch on his. The first bed I’ve ever felt safe leaving him with.

  183. Mary (verified owner)

  184. Laura Wenzel (verified owner)

    Great crate bed!

  185. Joel (verified owner)

    Bought the Primo Pads to put in our Ruffland Kennels. They fit perfectly and are dog approved! Thank You!

  186. Jean Harvey (verified owner)

  187. Stacy C. (verified owner)

    They fit perfect in the RuffTuff Kennels and I won’t have to throw them away the first time someone pukes! Total win.

  188. Mary Lou Haines (verified owner)

  189. Joe H. (verified owner)

    Great product!

  190. Linda (verified owner)

    I ordered two Primo Pads for large SUV slant back crates and they fit perfectly.

  191. Cherilynn Clark

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my PrimoPads

  192. Zanna (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect fit! I specified that my XL double door was a front and side and they took care of the rest. My dog loves primo pads because they cushion him without making him hot like plush beds!

  193. Kerry Frost (verified owner)

    The crate pads fit perfect! Water proof is a mist for mine since they are always swimming and getting dirty! It was hard to find a waterproof pad for the rufftuff kennels since they are a weird size. Definitely recommend!

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