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Measure the Outside of the wire crate. DO NOT measure the pan.

Our standard sizes fit most standard crates. If you do not see the size you want in our standard pad sizes please email us for a custom size quote.

Custom sizing: Please email us at:

(We no longer ship to Alaska or Hawaii)

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13″ x 22″
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28″ x 42″
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36″ x 54″

LockDown System

Optional Zip Ties to keep from sliding in crate

Is your dog an aggressive chewer? Does he dig up his bedding and try to push it aside? Do you have a puppy that may be going through a chewing stage? If so you will want to request our “lockdown system” with your pad. There is no additional charge for this.

Primo Pads offer re-closeable zip ties that are strategically placed along all four sides of your dog crate pads. To use this feature you must remove the plastic tray from your crate.

Secure ties to the underside bars of your metal crate. Make sure that the ties are under the crate where the dog can not get to them.

The ties can be opened and the pad removed from your dog crate pad for cleaning and then reattached.

220 reviews for Primo Pad

  1. David C. (verified owner)

    Our new Belgian Malinois puppy had a callus on her left elbow starting. One of our friends recommended the pad to us. But is now gone 2 weeks after getting the Primo Pad. Fits perfectly in her crate and so far so good she hasn’t torn or chewed it.
    The only thing that I might have concerns about is the tie down holes might not last a long time. But as I said the pad fits perfectly in her crate.
    We can even fold up the crate with the pad in place to travel with.
    Sooo my review is this pad is the best for our girl, and highly recommend it to anyone.

  2. Jayme (verified owner)

    Worth every penny. Our puppy needed bedding for his crate that stayed cool because he runs hot. He tried to dig it up when I first put it in his crate- luckily I got the mat with the lock down system so it didn’t budge. I wish I would have purchased this sooner!

  3. Salvador Galindo (verified owner)

  4. JAMES FOTIADES (verified owner)

  5. Tamara B. (verified owner)

    Love it! Will be buying two more very soon!

  6. Kristina (verified owner)

  7. Shand Ard (verified owner)

  8. Cindy (verified owner)

  9. Amy S. (verified owner)

  10. Sarah S. (verified owner)

  11. Katheleen C. (verified owner)

    Primo pads were exactly what I need! They are durable and well-made, fit perfectly and securely. I know my dogs are more comfortable having a better surface in their crates. Now I just need them for my car crates!

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Definitely recommend these pads!

  13. Elizabeth B. (verified owner)

    Such a great dog bed. Easy to clean and quiet. Before, my dog would push up his bed and sleep on his plastic tray. And his little nails would scrape agains the plastic and wake me up throughout the night. Now, he sleeps quiet–and so do I!

  14. J (verified owner)

    Best Pads Ever!

  15. Sharon T. (verified owner)

    They aren’t soft and cushy like some, but they aren’t getting chewed up either!

  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    LOVE!! Perfect fit

  17. Donald Wilson (verified owner)

  18. Terry Bluhm (verified owner)

  19. Danielle T. (verified owner)

    Amazing crate pad. It fits the crate like a glove and it’s easy to clean. Should be on your list to get especially if you have a puppy.

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

  21. Corinne C. (verified owner)

    So far this is the only thing I can place in my dog’s crate without her destroying it. I love how it ties to her crate to prevent her from lifting it up to chew the edges.

  22. Maria Wilson (verified owner)

  23. PAM W. (verified owner)

    great pad!

  24. Melanie (verified owner)

    One week with the Primo pad and the destructive Catahoula hasn’t been able to eat it. I’ve tried other beds, pads, blankets and they never lasted the day with him let alone multiple days. I did add the tie downs and that was definitely the key to success. He now can be secured in a nice, comfy crate while I’m out of the house and my furniture doesn’t get destroyed. I will be replacing all my crate pads with these in the future.

  25. Jane C (verified owner)

  26. Cynthia (verified owner)


  27. Cristian P. (verified owner)

    Great exactly as promised and even arrived ahead of schedule.

  28. Renee Nair (verified owner)

    It fit perfectly and our Border Collie pup is resting comfortably in her crate. She ha destroyed every other mat we used, but not this one. I got the ties an they are easy to use. Great product.

  29. Debbie (verified owner)

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

    We bought one pad hoping it would stand up to our super chewer. It did, so we bought another for our new puppy (who is chewing on EVERYTHING he can get ahold of right now). We are very happy with our Primo Pads! We will be back for more!

  31. Ricky G. (verified owner)

  32. Seth (verified owner)


  33. Carol Waters (verified owner)

  34. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good pad!

  35. Alicia H. (verified owner)

    Fits my new TNC crate PERFECTLY! The dogs LOVE it and sleep on the pad in the crate often! I can totally say that these pads are built to last even the toughest pups. I’m so excited to have such a great product for my pets. I am looking forward to ordering another one in the future when we add another crate.

  36. Dede S. (verified owner)

  37. Amy S. (verified owner)

    Love my primo pads! We have quite a few (from whelping box to crate) and have been very happy with the quality and durability. Will definitely continue to buy in the future.

  38. Ellen Richardell (verified owner)

    I love the primo pad but he seems to be cold at night on it

  39. Alena R. (verified owner)

  40. SUSAN (verified owner)

    Haven’t had them long, but so far so good!

  41. Marla Corey Loiola (verified owner)

  42. Laura (verified owner)

  43. Tiffany (verified owner)

    Great product! I recommend them to anyone looking for crate pads.

  44. Margaret S. (verified owner)

  45. Penny Petrille (verified owner)

  46. Holley (verified owner)

    My 6 month Labrador Retriever still managed to scratch the pad up, however it hasn’t ripped yet.

  47. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Someone recommended the Primo Pad to me after my dog destroyed every other crate bed or pad we gave her. After a couple days of trying to dig it up and chew it, the pad stayed firmly in place and she has settled in comfortably. I’m so happy she has a comfortable place to sleep that she can’t destroy.

  48. Beryl (verified owner)

  49. Kathleen Sunday (verified owner)

  50. Sue R. (verified owner)

    We got this for our youngest Labrador Retriever, having been through the puppy stage with a previous lab who chewed every bed, dug holes in the plastic crate liner, and tore up the towels we tried to make a comfortable bed with. In the meantime I learned of Primo Pads and decided to try one with our newest lab. It has worked perfectly for our needs. He hasn’t chewed holes in it or dug a hole in it. He’s still not to be trusted with fluffy beds but this provides some padding without him trying to tear it up. I ordered a second pad for a second crate that we use on vacation. I also pull it out of his crate to use in the back of our SUV when the dogs ride in the back instead of them lying on the rubber mats. It was easy to order and came quickly. Happily recommend!

  51. Tracy Dockins (verified owner)

  52. Laura S. (verified owner)

    Durable and easy to wipe clean

  53. Kacie Seyfert (verified owner)

    I love these pads! I have two of them (one for his main kennel and one for the kennel in our car). My dog is white and sheds like crazy so it gets covered in hair in .2 seconds but I can just stick my vacuum in his kennel and the hair comes right out! When its time to wash it, I just take it out and hose it down outside with some soap! He used to chew on dog beds but he hasn’t chewed this one at all! Well worth the price!!!

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    Image #1 from Kacie Seyfert
  54. Tracy Feist (verified owner)

    These pads ar fantastic! We have purchased seven so far for our program. We have had one of them for about five months and its held up to our girl (who likes to dig) Very easy to clean, fits perfect in their wire crates.

  55. Scott D. (verified owner)

    This is working well for our puppy bull mastiff.

  56. Jay Brown (verified owner)

  57. PATRICK KIMBLE (verified owner)

    Great product and color choices

  58. Judi Sawyer (verified owner)

    These are AWESOME!!

  59. Catherine Murch (verified owner)

    Primo pads are comfortable for the dogs and easy to clean. Not only do I use them in the house crates, but in the Motorhome and crates in my van. No more washing of beds!

  60. Neil M. (verified owner)

    This is our 2nd primo pad. The 1st one we purchased for our destructive Cattle dog who eats everything. We have had it for 2 years now and it’s still going strong. Our GSD is experiencing anxiety as he is aging and has started destroying his bed. So we got him his own Primo pad. They are worth every cent and the material that its made out of helps keep him cool with his long coat and thick undercoat.

  61. Matthew B. (verified owner)

    Great pad for a big Husky puppy!

  62. Anonymous (verified owner)

  63. Korine F. (verified owner)

    We are a dog training company and this is the only crate pad we recommend to our clients. Additionally, these are in all of our boarding dog crates and personal dog crates. We work with a wide variety of dog breeds and behavioral cases.

  64. David Barrett (verified owner)

  65. joan Ganz (verified owner)

    The pad lasted an hour in the crate with my dog after being left alone. More waste of money. I can send a photo of 4 torn corners. But still useable for now.

  66. Kerrie H. (verified owner)

    I bought 1 for a house crate and 2 for the car crates. The breed, Border Collies.
    Today we took a long drive, just to escape the confines of the house. I placed thd Primo pads in the car crates as soon as we received them.
    The dogs had a comfortable ride. I heard no sliding, no trying to dig beds or blankets.
    I have a pad I bought last year. It still looks new. I will be getting some for my trolley next.

  67. Matthew Jorgensen (verified owner)

    They last a long, long, long time. After 5-6 years a chronic bed scratcher finally started to get through the covering.

  68. Phil S. (verified owner)

    Awesome quality and fast delivery!!

  69. Patrice Drummond (verified owner)

  70. Vita Battista (verified owner)

    Great pad for my pup’s travel crate. Wouldn’t hesitate to order again

  71. Eileen J. (verified owner)

    This was recommended by my Doberman chat forum, and we are hoping that this is the bed he does not destroy! So far, so good! My son picked the color, and it is VERY purple!

  72. Judi Sawyer (verified owner)

  73. Donald K. (verified owner)

    PRO: The pad itself seems to be very well made. (High quality) and it’s nice that it’s heat sealed.

    CON: The Pad thickness is on the thin side.

  74. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I have a 10 month puppy, and we have been through many pads that she has ripped into pieces, hours after purchasing. I’ve heard of primo Pads from a local dog trainer here in Orlando. I’ve had it over a week and she has not ripped it at all, still in place. She’s a big chewer and I love how this is still in tact. Will definitely Recommend.

  75. Miranda G. (verified owner)

    Now I no longer feel guilty about leaving my chronic kennel pee/pooper with just a tray in the bottom of the kennel. It fits perfectly, looks great, and is easy to clean.

  76. Elizabeth B. (verified owner)

    I have only had the bed for a week but my pup has not even tried to chew it up! Usually he chews one up the first night.

  77. Jamie (verified owner)

    Quality product. My dogs Are aggressive chewers and have destroyed mats in the past in no time. They can’t put a scratch on the primo pad.

  78. Diane (verified owner)

    I have been using these pads for my dogs for many years and love them! They are comfortable for the dogs and easy to clean.

  79. Kellee Davis (verified owner)

    Fits absolutely perfect and so far every Primo Pad I have has lasted for years. Not sure if I’m supposed to, but I use the mop on mine when I do the floors and so far so good. Super easy to clean. I couldn’t be happier.

  80. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love this kennel pad. Durable and easy to clean.

  81. Suni G. (verified owner)

  82. Shelley (verified owner)

    I wanted a couple waterproof pads for the front porch for the dogs to lay on while I was out there! These are perfect!

  83. Jamie M. (verified owner)

    Great pad. Fits my 42 inch crate perfectly. thanks for such a quality product

  84. Diana S. (verified owner)

  85. Anonymous (verified owner)

  86. Michael Casasanta (verified owner)

  87. Hanping Chen (verified owner)

    Great product

  88. Jane (verified owner)

    Love this product, these are my third purchase of the primo pads!

  89. Julie Wilmore-Martinez (verified owner)

  90. Faith (verified owner)

  91. Kathleen Clark (verified owner)

  92. Sarah Schroeder (verified owner)

  93. Cortney (verified owner)

    I love this product! My Pittie pup is a chewer and hasn’t had any issues. It’s comfortable and she seems very happy with it.

  94. Debbie Pierce (verified owner)

  95. McKayla H. (verified owner)

    I love this! Super nice material, I imagine it will be super easy to clean and the cushion is not too soft and not too firm.

  96. Angie (verified owner)

    Only had for a couple days, I love the quality, just anxious to see if it lasts with my dog. Didn’t notice an odor when I opened the box but now there is a strong odor- must be the vinyl material. Hope
    It goes away soon

  97. Loren Erikson (verified owner)

    It came so fast and I really think my 8 months GSD loves it. I was so tired of her ripping her bedding. So my fiance just boght one for our Aussie. Can’t wait to get it!

  98. Jimmy McKee (verified owner)

    This is my second primo pad purchase. The first one is at least ten years years old and still in great shape so I purchased one for my Mom’s new puppy. Shopping, ordering, and service was great on both purchases. I would one hundred percent recommend primo pads.

  99. Kelly Virkler (verified owner)

    Pad fit my crate perfectly. I followed the instructions and measured the outside of the crate rather than relying on the box dimensions.

  100. Cassandra Ingram (verified owner)

    Bought a couple years ago for my two dogs kennel. Very durable and I have had them for years it was just time for new ones

  101. Susan Becker (verified owner)

  102. Janet D. (verified owner)

    The Primo Pad is sturdy and durable yet seems very comfortable to the dogs. They have taken to them nicely.

  103. Allison (verified owner)

    Great quality, super fast shipping!

  104. Morgan (verified owner)

    Purchased 2 crate pads with tie downs and they fit snug and the secure, and the pups seem to appreciate the added comfort to their crates!

  105. Maureen S. (verified owner)

  106. Kathy (verified owner)

  107. Paul (verified owner)

  108. Barbara Dunn (verified owner)

  109. Cherry B. (verified owner)

    After 10 days the pad is still intact – NO other pad has made it past a few days. THANKS!

  110. KAREN ZIMNY (verified owner)

    These are the best crate pads. Easy to clean and durable. Some of my dogs will “mark” bedding but will not mark these pads. Customer service is wonderful as well. The ONLY pads we use!

  111. Joanne S. (verified owner)

    Great price for a great pad. I love this for my aging dog so she doesn’t have to lay on the crate pan. She is much more comfortable with a Primo pad if she has to spend any length of time crated.

  112. Anonymous (verified owner)

  113. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I believe it is very durable, but took off 1 star because it’s not as thick as I was told it would be, and took off another star because it is very hard. Instead of ordering a 2nd one I am going just keep using a memory foam mat in my larger crate. I MAY consider a Primo Pad for the back of our SUV IF this one holds up well.

  114. Anonymous (verified owner)

  115. Valerie M. (verified owner)

  116. Katie S. (verified owner)

  117. Dan (verified owner)

    Great pad. Bought a Revol crate, their pad $125. Got same size and had color options. Well made, and will recommend to others.

  118. Caron Bronstein (verified owner)

  119. Robert (verified owner)

    Great product, great service and fast delivery. We’ve purchased for all 5 of our dogs crates and 3 for travel crates. If you need a destruction proof crate pad, Primo Pads are the way to go.

  120. Angela R. (verified owner)

    My German Shepherd couldn’t wait to lay on it….
    she loves her her primo pad.

  121. Anonymous (verified owner)

  122. ROBIN LISS (verified owner)

  123. Amber (verified owner)

    The pad came exactly as described, got this for my dog that suffers from IVVD. This is perfect sizing for her crate and I love the fact that this is actually waterproof not water resistant. She is incontinent and I have been through so many different types of beds that don’t hold to cleaning.

  124. Corey (verified owner)

    Primo pads are perfect for my vehicle kennel. They are padded to support heavy dogs and stay cool in the summer heat.

  125. Nicki U. (verified owner)

    So far so good! I bought the 28×42 and it fits perfectly in a 42in crate (from Petsmart). The pad provides about an inch of cushion. The cushion is pretty firm and not memory foam material, but maybe it’ll start to soften up a little over time. My 6 month old lab mix tried digging at it the first couple of days and didn’t even make a scratch. She’s settled in now and seems to like it. Hope it stands the test of time!

  126. Justina K. (verified owner)

    The Primo Pad is perfect for my 9 Month old Boerboel who loves to chew and dig!

  127. Keri G. (verified owner)

    I wish I would have known about these years ago! I have probably spent thousands on pads and beds for my American Bulldogs. This is a lifesaver and worth the expense!

  128. Lauren (verified owner)

    My new puppy loves comfy beds (when we’re watching him – we don’t trust him with anything too soft overnight yet!), so he would struggle to sleep through the night in his crate. The pan was too hard for him to get comfortable and he’d wake up every few hours, crying and making us think he had to go to the bathroom. In the first night with the Primo Pads, he slept straight through. Thank you!

  129. Elizabeth Irvin (verified owner)

    Love love love this crate mat. I have a dog that likes to dig at the mat before he lays down and will occasionally chew at corners. I’ve had this mat for several months now and it still looks new! There’s no claw or teeth marks anywhere on the mat. Super easy clean up, I just wipe it off with a wet cloth when it gets dirty. It’s way sturdier than the crate pan and I feel better knowing my dog is laying on something that’s padded.

  130. Melissa Strebe (verified owner)

    I will start off by saying I do love these pads, but they just did not work for one of my dogs. We read other reviews saying they were good for dogs that like to destroy or dig their bedding. My first one lasted a week, they sent another one free of charge(just paid shipping.) My second one lasted 2 days before she managed to rip it open and eat some. Great customer service and I will order for my other dogs at some point, but for dogs with separation anxiety or if your dog is a digger I probably wouldn’t order for your dog. But overall a good product and my dog loved to lay on it and it’s super easy to clean. I’ll just have to find something else for her

  131. James Toreli (verified owner)

    i’m so glad i read about primo pads best investment i ever made great product and great customer Service.

  132. Sarah Davis (verified owner)

    We have had the same pads in our dogs’ kennels for around 5 years. We have a lab and a St. Dane. The lab is a chewer and digger so prior to primo pads we went through many, many beds and options. Our St. Dane was having a lot of accidents in his crate due to anxiety and it was so hard to clean up after him and clean beds we tried in the past. We are finally repurchasing a replacement for our lab because eventually the digging did put holes in her primo pad but it is several years old and they are kenneled all day long while we are at work and at night they are kenneled for bed. Our St. Dane’s pad is still in good condition and we still don’t need to replace his. It’s also easy to clean any messes he may make in it! They have gotten their money’s worth for sure!

  133. Debbie Scuster

    Have had a prime pad for a little over a year. Chocolate lab destroyed it today but nothing else would have lasted this long. Ordering again.

  134. Emily Shirley (verified owner)

    My GSPs have always chewed every bed I’ve gotten them that goes in their kennels , I always feel so guilty making them lay on a hard kennel but they leave me no choice when they destroy expensive beds!
    I ordered these and I LOVE it! They aren’t able to chew them and you can order it with the straps to go onto the bottom of the kennel it’s GREAT! And you don’t measure the pan you measure the actual kennel size, I thought that was weird and wrong but it was right bc you want these pads to fit snug so that the dog can’t lift them to chew it! Will most definitely be ordering more!

  135. dave hewitt (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service….excellent fit in crate Would highly recommend !!!

  136. scott smith

    Pads are fantastic. Fit exactly as needed. Clean up very nicely. Have had no issue with tearing or anything else. Gary was fantastic to deal with on custom fit inside of an Impact Crate. Looking to do the same now inside a whelping box!

  137. Steve Kent

    just what we needed. The pens we have are a custom size and Primopads was able to make custom pads for it. These are so easy to clean. We have covers for them from another source but it is so easy to slip them off, wash them, and wipe down these pads without the smell going into the foam like regular pads. Thank you Gary for such a great job

  138. Danny Trevino (verified owner)

    Y’all need to be on Amazon! I have two labs and between them have bought about 5-6 crate pads that are $60+. They kept ripping them up or have accidents and ruin their beds. I couldn’t afford to keep buying them “disposable” beds and had resorted to using towels on the bottom of their crate. I stumbled across this and decided to give it a try. Well after several weeks of using this it, remains in perfect condition! They don’t bother chewing it and I love how easy it is to clean! I can’t recommend this enough!

  139. jsmith279 (verified owner)

    We have a 7mo old coonhound pup that has destroyed everything else we’ve ever put in his crate. He scratches at the PrimoPad but because of the lock downs can’t get to it. He’s got 2 crates, one in the living room with our Rottweilers for when aren’t home that he stays and one in the bedroom for sleeping. He’s destroyed 2 comforters in the middle of the night while we were sleeping so he’s crated at night next to the bed. I’m very happy that we found them.

  140. Anne

    Absolutely perfect for home and car. Pads are at least 6 years old and still look brand new. I recommend them to everyone with a dog that chews bedding.

  141. Gina (verified owner)

    Not sure if I ever wrote a review originally, but I’ve had a primo pad for my 55 lb Bull Terrier for about 3-4 years now, and its JUST now starting to show wear / needs to be replaced. I have been so incredibly impressed with it overall, that when it came time to order a new one, I didn’t hesitate to reorder the same item (which is pretty rare for me, as I love trying new things). Prior to finding Primo Pads, I had gone through crate mats weekly, to the point where I would buy them in bulk, knowing that he’d eat one overnight. Just wanted to write back in and say that these are pretty much indestructible.

  142. Susan (verified owner)

    Only product I use in my crates for my Saint Bernards. Have them for the crates in the house, van and show site. Great product. Susan

  143. Monica Porter (verified owner)

    Received the pad yesterday and immediately put it in our dogs kennel. It is well made and fit perfectly. Our almost three year old Staffy, (adopted a month ago) is a real tough chewer. Her other bed was chewed through in less than a day. From all the other reviews, I believe this one is the one that will last. Still in one piece. Thanks.

  144. Katelyn

    Owned one of these for my American Bulldog 6 years now. It’s been an inside bed, outside bed, and crate bed. It has held up beautifully and if it ever kicks the bucket I would not hesitate to purchase again.

    I actually use crib sheets over it at times. Easy to take off and not bulky to wash.

  145. Linda W. (verified owner)

    Our primo pad is 4 or 5 years old. It has gone thru our boxer (who tore every bed there was) and now our standards poodle. It is easy to keep clean, because of the tie downs the dog doesn’t get the opportunity to grab corners and pull apart. Ours looks just as good as it first did. And for the 1st 2 years each of my dogs were crated a lot and one still is at night. Great product I highly recommend.

  146. Hillary Rebollar (verified owner)

    My doberman has ruined every bed, pad, and towel we have put in his crate, until we got a Primo Pad. He even ruined a bed that was twice the price and came with a “chew proof” guarantee. We are finally able to offer him some comfort for his joints without having to worry about him destroying and swallowing hazardous materials. The Lock Down System is a life saver! Great product at a great price.

  147. Nancy Donatelli

    I have had four of these pads for several years and am going to order another one for my newest dog. The pads are wonderful – soft for the dogs and so easy to clean. I bought the first pad mainly for my whippet so she could be comfortable in her crate but now all my dogs have one. Super product!

  148. August Schwartz (verified owner)

    Although my first pad didn’t last long (I didn’t buy the appropriate size for my crate), I got a replacement and it’s getting the job done. My pit can’t shred this like other pads/beds in the past. Highly recommend.

  149. bladesmomma

    We love it!!! The 1st one we bought lasted 4yrs. We just bought another. I hope this one last just as long. My Belgian Malinois used to tear up everything I put in his kennel until we got Primopads!!!. Thanks

  150. Sydney Garfias (verified owner)

    I have several of these pads, They are amazing and love them being waterproof and sanitary

  151. Susan (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Primo Pads for years for my 3 Flat-Coated Retrievers. Every time I get a new crate, I’ve gotten a new Primo Pad. Some have been standard size, some have had to be custom sized. All have been perfect. I usually buy them at a dog show but the most recent one, I ordered online. I found Primo’s website to be the easiest and most straightforward website and ordering process of any website I’ve ever used (and I do a LOT of online purchasing). Great company to deal with.

  152. Sara Austin

    Great pads for veterinary clinics. They are durable and waterproof, and they LAST!


    Ready to buy two Primo pads for my SUV crates, no other place I would recommend. I still have the Primo Pads I bought back in 2016 and they are like brand new!! They have outlasted my Mastiffs!!

  154. John Milam (verified owner)

    Virtually indestructible. I have a year old Dutch Shepherd who worked on it for two hours in his crate. No damage. I also use one with a female malinois who is a retired police K9 to relieve her joints. Highly recommend for working dogs and destructive dogs.

  155. Jamie Hudon (verified owner)

    I recieved a primo pad about 2 weeks ago and I am so thankful for this product. I have an American Staffordshire terrior puppy who is now 9 months and he has destroyed 4 beds and 2 blankets! He sleeps in a crate and is crated while I work (4 hours) and this product has been a savior! I did not want to put another bed or even blanket in his crate and I felt bad having him sleep on the plastic tray. This pad is not the softest but it had been very durable!!

  156. Mallory (verified owner)

    I purchased my first Primo Pad in 2014 for my chocolate lab who LOVED to chew and dig. He had destroyed any bedding we put near him, and I hated the idea of him having to lay on the hard tray in his kennel. He attempted to dig at the corner of this when we first put it in, so I used the “lockdown” zip ties. He realized he couldn’t dig it up pretty quickly and quit digging altogether.
    The pad worked so well that I have since bought two more for my other dogs, a black lab and a Rottweiler. All three Primo Pads are all still in excellent condition 4-5 years later. Great product!!

  157. Karey Chaides (verified owner)

    I have the worlds most destructive Husky. She’s chewed everything we put in her crate. She has terrible separation anxiety but thanks to this pad she now lays calmly in her crate while we are gone. We have a camera on her crate so we can check in on her and she tried very hard to tear this pad apart the first couple times she was in it. She quickly learned it wasn’t budging and now relaxes in it. Worth every penny and I’m so thankful I bought the Primo Pad with Lockdown!

  158. Jill Summerford

    Before Primo Pads I had tried many different beds, all of which were destroyed quickly. I’ve now had the Primo Pads in all my crates for years and have yet to replace any of them. This includes the one that has survived my Rottweiler since she was 12 weeks old. She is now 2 1/2 years and is still using the same Primo Pad!

  159. Susan (verified owner)

    Best dog bed ever…..have a big chewer and he hasn’t damaged it in the least in the past 6 years. Waterproof easy, to clean and dries quickly.

  160. Caitlin McCulley

    We just got our Primo Pad! Customer service was wonderful! They responded quickly to emails but I was more amazed with how quickly it was delivered!! I received it in less than 5 days from the time I ordered! Our dog likes to dig in his crate and he is truly trying to tear the primo pad but so far it seems to be holding up! Any other bed would be gone by now (we’ve had it for less than a week but that is the average for our dog and a bed/mat in his crate). I highly recommend Primo Pads!

  161. Philip Raymond

    A great crate pad, my Corgi Taffy just turned 10 and so has my Primo Pad, still looks like new! The pad was also custom cut to the exact size of the crate. It’s also very supportive, my Corgi sleeps like a baby every night!

  162. Chris (verified owner)

    Not perfect but the best I’ve found! The only issue I have had was that my dog would dig at it and eventually wore holes through the top in 4 places. She then proceeded to pull some of the pad out but stopped after a while. It’s still in her kennel after about 3 years. She stopped the digging and has left it alone for quite a while now. In my case it was necessary to use the tie downs which requires removal of the crate pan otherwise she would get a hold of the edge and start eating on it. That’s the only draw back, because if the dog has an accident it’s possibly going to roll off the pad and onto whatever surface the crate is on. Unless it’s a waterproof floor I would only use for a housebroke dog if you need to remove the pan. Overall it’s been a good purchase and survived the Oreo monster. A little worse for wear but quite usable.

  163. matt (verified owner)

    Best of the best. Does not ship to Alaska or I’d get a second one. The last one I had to line up shipping to a friend in the lower 48 and then to me. Pain in the butt, but worth it. It fits my hunting dogs Ruff Tuff kennel, he doesn’t chew it, and he doesn’t slip and slide. PERFECT. 5 stars even though you don’t ship to Alaska.. which is lame.

  164. Matt (verified owner)

    Best pad. I have a hunting dog and dog chews or tears up things. Then traveling was slipping around in RUFF TOUGH kennel. Put this in problems solved. Id get another one but you don’t ship to Alaska. Had to line up a friend to get it and meet them. Pain in the butt. Still 5 stars for what I got.

  165. Brynne (verified owner)

    I love this thing! I’ve had it for about 6 months and while it has flattened a little bit, it’s been super easy to clean and has made my newf’s crate so much quieter. Would definitely buy again! Good on his joints and my pup likes it.

  166. Lisa Vooght (verified owner)

    *Updated* Got in touch with Primo and they refunded a portion of shipping charge (see above). Thank you! Happy to report that the pads are holding up despite dedicated efforts to tear them up. The Lockdown system works! Highly recommend.

  167. Grace I Moore (verified owner)

    This company stands by their products. I had a pad that was 10 years old and it was destroyed by a puppy. I didn’t expect them to replace it but was very pleased that they did. I recommend Primo Pads! Very happy with them.

  168. Kathleen Turner

    Outstanding customer service! We have Dobermans and we’ve had some issues but the company stands behind their product every time. We have been using these pads for almost 10 years. I highly recommend them.

  169. li.vogt (verified owner)

    5 days in – and the pads are holding up well. I bought 2, one for a Staffy and one for a Rottweiler/pit bull mix (Ruby). Ruby has destroyed every single pad, towel, blanket and toy given her. She even managed to shred a Kong Goodie bone.I hated to see her lying on a bare cage floor, so I feel great that she has a comfy pad to lie on. Why not 5 stars? I noticed on the order page that if you were ordering more than 1, it said to contact Primo pads and they could work out less of a shipping charge. Since both pads were going to the same address, I hoped to pay for 2 pads and a lesser shipping charge. I emailed them, and never got any response. Since we desperately needed them – the dogs had gone without any padding for months – I just ordered them anyway and paid for 2 pads and also shipping charge for each. Shipping came to $25.90 – almost half the price of 1 pad! I’m happy with the product but disappointed by customer service.

  170. Tom (verified owner)

    Our breeder recommended Primo. The first one purchased was for a 8 week old Lab (lab pups are power chewers) now three years later it looks like new. My family now uses Primo Pads they’re easy to clean, Tuff, long lasting and comfortable for the dogs.

  171. Jo Ann

    I have four of these pads. Two are five or six years old and two were purchased in 2017. All are in great shape. They hold their shape, are easy to clean, and waterproof. My dogs swim frequently and the pads do not take on water so they dry quickly. One is a vigorous digger but there is no damage to the pad.

  172. Liss (verified owner)

    Best crate pads ever!! My dog Lexi is a 1 y/o pit/lab mix and a crazy super chewer. I can honestly say I’ve gone through at least 15 different beds in these past 9 months of having her. She destroys every single one. Even the ones that miraculously last more than 2 days, by day 3 it’s ripped to shreds. She even broke the crate pan twice! Which I did not replace after the second one. I was running out of options and I didn’t want my poor baby laying on the wire. But I had spent so much money and nothing seemed to work. I finally came across these and they are life saving! I’ve had mine for almost a MONTH now and it has remained completely intact! The lock down system is exactly what I needed. I’m so glad that I decided to give it one more try and bought this bed. For the first time I actually got my money’s worth! Thank you!!!

  173. Irina Sasu

    I’ve had several pads for several years for my Dobermans. Indestructible and my guys chew everything. Because they are so durable I haven’t had to replace them. They fit the crates well. Easy to clean. The puppy pad purchased for the whelping box also has proven to be puppy proof – across many litters.
    LOVE my Primo Pads. Excellent customer service as well. You can’t go wrong with this product.

  174. Jan (verified owner)

    I bought 2 Primo Pads for my Midwest SUV crates. They fit like a glove and the tie down straps keep my older dog from digging them up. I take my dogs swimming all the time and all I have to do is wipe them down when the dogs get out. Helps keep the dog smell out of the car as well. I love these pads!!!

  175. Teri Mabon

    We have had Primo pads for many years now. We absolutely LOVE them. The customer service has been top notch, as well. All of our K9s have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from their Primo pads. Not a single one has been destroyed by any of our K9s 🙂 We have had several custom made sizes, too. Just awesome!

  176. KATHYRN


  177. Ellie Porter

    These things are amazing! I bought 4 and am placing my order for three more. They’re amazingly easy to clean, stay cool, and above all, they make it so dogs don’t slide around in their crates in the car and make noise. I’d give it 10 stars if possible.

  178. Katie

    The Primo pad is literally the best crate pad I’ve ever owned. We bought one over 2 years ago for one of our dog’s crate and to this day she hasn’t been able to damage it! The lock down system really works! My other dog just started chewing her standard plastic tray bottom- I think so she could get a primo pad too! So Here again to order another! We recommended primo pad to every heavy chewer!

  179. Karen Lishinski (verified owner)

    These are the best! I am getting ready to purchase 3 more pads at the dog show in a couple of weeks. I have 5. They are indestructible!

  180. Tami Dillon (verified owner)

    Primo Pad is the real deal. I’ve purchased other pads that claimed to be indestructible only to have our young Dogue de Bordeaux rip them up chunk by chunk. We’ve had our Primo Pad a little over a year and it still looks great. The easy tie down system for the pad has kept it firmly fixed so that our DDB can’t pull it up and rip it to shreds. He will often times dig at the pad to play with his toy but even his thick, strong nails have not been able to damage the pad. Cleaning is super simple and no more smelly crate pad. It’s not a cushy pad like some others but it is more than adequate padding even after elbow surgery. I can’t recommend Primo Pad enough!

  181. Marilyn Traurig

    Had these custom made to fit the 3 SUV crates in my dog van about 8 years ago. They are like brand new ! Purchased several for the dog crates in the dog room in tan. After 8 years they are very good condition. Easy to clean, once a week I spray them disinfectant and wipe down with paper towel. Paper towel in the trash, no washing machine, no dryer, no skidding on the plastic crate tray. Remember for young dogs skidding the loss of grip on plastic tray in crates can cause improper hip development, old dogs the skidding and sliding is hard on their joints and causes them pain. Best money I ever spent on dog beds.

  182. Sharon Sintra

    THE ONLY DOG BAD that worth its money! I have 10 cane corsos, also boarding. ALL dogs are on this pads in the crates and kennels. My oldest ones are 4 year old and look like new. I have a lot of traffic, pads gets washed and bleached almost daily, many “smart” dogs tried to dig it, get it, chew it..NO ONE HAD LUCK:) I am a breeder and everyone of my puppies owners gets those too. The Super Pad!

  183. Gaylan Lyon (verified owner)

    After replacing several Towels, Shower Mats and some other big box dog beds, my breeder told me of “Primo Pads”. So far after several months the “Primo Pad has held up with no signs of wear. I will be ordering another pad for under my desk in my shop. I’ll let you know how it works in that environment and application.

  184. N. Goodhue

    I’ve had primo pads in all of my dog crates since 2010 and not a single one has been destroyed by my dogs and they are all still in great shape! I recommend primo pads to people all the time. They are the best and nothing else compares to the quality!

  185. Sheril Widner

    These pads are the BEST!!! We spent a lot of $$ and time trying to find a pad that our youngest Labrador Retriever wouldn’t shred (and eat!)! I was determined to find a pad that ALL the dogs could lay on while we travel. But, I found your website one evening & decided to give these a try. I received the pads in July…. and, now 4 months later – my young & destructive Labrador Retriever – has NOT been able to destroy these pads!! I am tickled pink! I am thrilled… and will be buying these pads from now on! (I am actually referring a friend of our’s to you all – so she can order some!) Thanks to you all!!


    I own a boarding kennel and have primopads in several of my crates. These things are AWESOME!!! I frequently get dogs that want to dig and these pads with the lockdown system last. I have had to replace a few from dogs that ended up pulling up and chewing on a corner (2 out of 9 pads in 4 years) but there is nothing out there like this! These are great for older pups that need the extra cushion and for dogs that like to chew on bedding. I recommend these to my clients and will be a primopad user for life!

  187. Kathy Austin (verified owner)

    My Border Collie doesn’t chew beds, he’ll just wad them up and shove to the back of a crate so he can lay on a cooler, harder surface. At 9 years old, I wanted him to lay on a softer surface for his aging joints. I’m glad I decided to try the Primo pad, he loves the cool, firm surface and I love that he’s actually laying on bedding! I’ll be ordering more!

  188. Jennifer hoy (verified owner)

    These pads are absolutely incredible! They truly work! I have a Belgian malinois, she is a very aggressive chewer and she can’t chew up the bed thankful to the lock down system. It truly is waterproof and a thick comfortable bed for your dog. I wouldn’t recommend anything else. If you dog is a chewer don’t waste money on anything else!!!

  189. Vanessa (verified owner)

    I didn’t believe it til I tried them- these have held up wonderfully with my Mini Bulls! They can’t eat them and they save me so much time on cleaning and laundry. They don’t harbor smells, moisture or bacteria, so helps against allergies. Great for those who tend to get calluses and for the arthritic dogs, too. Well worth what I paid for them and I’ll be back for more.

  190. Anneli (verified owner)

    Like many other dog owners, I had spent several hundred dollars on various inexpensive and expensive crate mats for my chew-loving Australian Cattle Dog puppy who is now a year old. Had also tried blankets, beach towels, even afitted size of piece of thick carpeting in the crate. Every single item got chewed up/destroyed/wrecked. Luckily someone suggested Primo Pads and when I received it, I attached the tie-downs. What a night-and-day experience! Have had it now for several months and there’s not a scratch on it. My pup sleeps well on it, it’s easy to clean by wiping off. I have noticed that it seems to have a property something akin to static electricity, because as he’s been shedding, there is a ton of fur all around the outside of the crate very close to the crate and mat — but… I can just gather it all up quickly, so that’s an easy de-furring! I love it and so does my pup!

  191. Karen (verified owner)

    This is the best crate pad ever created! I bought one a month ago for our 18 month old Doberman. If anyone is a Doberman owner, these guys are great at destroying anything, especially beds. They love to dig at them, ball them up, shake them around and chew huge holes in them to remove the stuffing. Jaeger cannot touch this crate pad. He digs at it in frustration. The secret is the lock down zip ties.

    I just ordered another one for his second crate in the van.

    This are also reasonably priced compared to other “indestructible” beds.

    Thank you Primo Pads!

  192. Carsen Jones

    I got my Dobermann at least 4 dog beds for her crate throughout her life and she’s only 11 months old right now. The third bed was said to be extremely durable and she destroyed it in two hours. So I finally decided to give a Primo pad a shot after someone recommended it to me and about a month later we still have it and she hasn’t put any puncture in it at all. Extremely happy with this bed as she’s practically destroyed almost all of her toys and every other one of her beds except for this one. Would definitely recommend it to anyone that has a destructive dog .

  193. Julia Keller (verified owner)

    When many of my dog friends told me about Primo Pad and how that is the solution to my cane corso pups bed eating problem, I was sceptical to say the least. We had gone through so many “indestructible” “chew proof ” “super duper extra strength” beds, pans, trays, you name it… None of them worked. But, I figured I would give it a try. I am SO glad I did. Now my Bruce is comfy AND after 30 days still INTACT!!! Nothing else lasted more than a day! Clean up is a breeze, and it looks great. We’ll worth the purchase. Thanks again!!

  194. Courtney (verified owner)

    My dog is TERRIBLE about chewing. She chewed beds, toys, cords, anything within reach of her crate. I finally had to remove all bedding from her crate, but she started getting sores on her joints. This mat saved us. She hasn’t chewed it at all (which is a miracle itself) and no more sore spots on her elbows. It is very easy to clean as well. I love this product!

  195. Moni

    I have a high strung belgian malinois who I’m pretty sure uses his mouth to see, because everything he looks at has been in his mouth! we were going through a bed a day, I was giving up, he was sleeping on solid plastic! someone recommended primo pads to me. i figured hell, theres a 30 day garuntee, if THIS doesn’t work… nothing will! so I ordered, it came in the mail. One day went by and it was still intact, then a second day, then a third… its still looking brand new and we’ve had it for quite a while now! this bed is the best option out there for destructive dogs, dirty dogs, old dogs. i hope to one day run a malinois rescue, every kennel will have a primo pad.

  196. Elise

    I ordered 2 to give my collie a soft place to sleep – he chews EVERYthing. But not these! Brilliant idea, masterful execution. I’m ordering my third right now. Tip; Be sure to attach to the bottom of the crate. This keeps the edges and ties under the pad so Dog can’t get to them. Thank you, Gary!

  197. Rachel

    I have multiple sizes of Primo Pads, some dating back many years and they all look new! Dogs love them, I love not having to replace them all the time. They are the only thing my current puppy hasn’t destroyed. In addition, customer service is excellent: .

  198. Shari (verified owner)

    I own a dog hotel and lost 4 beds to two dogs. I ordered them to try and they have not as much put a hole in them so far. They are very comfortable also. Thank you for caring enough to produce quality, means everything to me to make sure they have something to lay on.

  199. Amy (verified owner)

    These pads are awesome, my Greater Swiss would destroy all of her other beds, but this one has been great. It attaches to the crate so it doesn’t move and she can’t pick it up with her mouth. So happy with this product, thank you

  200. Leon Benson (verified owner)

    There is no other product like Primo Pads. This is the best crate pad period– fantastic quality and outstanding customer service. I have bought at least five pads and they are all great. I just bought a custom size — got it in less than a week and it fits perfectly. Primo Pads are Primo!

  201. Catherine G (verified owner)

    Amazing pad. Used the lockdown system with my lab who destroyed all other crate pads I tried. As far as I can see, it never even occurred to him to try chewing on the primo pad. Super easy to clean. It’s not a fluffy bed, but it gives him enough cushion for comfort and support.

  202. Shelley (verified owner)

    I highly recommend the Primo Pad. After my young Dobie quickly chewed through several canvas covered crate pads I found the Primo Pad online and I am so glad that I did. It is super sturdy and easy to clean and it is apparently pretty comfortable too. When I first put it in his crate he tried to scratch at it and pull it up at the corners, but the material and the tie downs are so sturdy that he couldn’t get the corners up to chew on it and there’s no evidence of the scratching. It didn’t take long before he gave up trying to scratch and chew on it anymore. The material is so easy to clean either by wiping it down in the crate or to clean or hose off outside with no evidence of those occasional unfortunate messes he’s made! 6 months later after many a nap and bedtime on it, it is still in perfect condition and I expect it to be around for a long time. (I don’t typically write reviews, but felt I had to for this since I am so pleased with it!)

  203. Jessy

    Best pads EVER! My Aussies are so hard on everything these pads with the lock down system have put a end to crate pad destruction….I am so happy I will be ordering 7 more…I also love they are easy to clean makes mud season and older dog issues no problem at all…thank you for this wonderful product

  204. Justine M (verified owner)

    Chance is a 75 lbs lab/pit rescue who chewed through two mats within a week. We did extensive research and are SO happy we found the Primo Pad – the tie down system is the trick to success here! A few times he’s tried to flip up the corner of the pad with his paw but because it’s tied down he can’t succeed (YES!). We’ve had the pad for a month and it’s working great – no signs of wear or tear or attempts to chew. This product is well made by professionals who must craft from experience with their own rambunctious pups. Chance came to us with sores and raw skin on his elbows and they look SO much better after having his primo pad to lay on while we crate him during the week days. THANK YOU!

  205. Barbara

    I needed a moisture proof and chew proof crate pad while I was training a rescue dog. She’d been over-crated and soiled her crate and chewed from anxiety and boredom. After reading reviews of the Primo Pad I decided to try one. A perfect product! So easy to clean! She scratches to make a nest and circles, but never so much as a tear in the vinyl. She has never even tried to chew it! It is comfortable and neat. I have bought them for every crate I own, and use them on the floors in place of fabric beds now, too. What an excellent product!

  206. Mike Chambers (verified owner)

    My cattle dog routinely destroyed expensive dog beds. He would shred fluffy beds, then sleep on a hard surface forming callouses on his legs. The primo pad was the perfect solution. He loves it. No more callouses, no more destroyed beds. I have had this pad in his crate for a couple years. I am ordering a second one for my new pup. The best investment I’ve ever made for my dogs.

  207. Rich Cutshall

    Truly an inspired product: Fits like a glove, wears like cast iron and is nearly maintenance free. But most importantly, no pressure sores on a pair of dogs that weigh nearly 200 pounds (together).


    I have been using the Primo Pads for several years and they are the best! No more clogged washing machines. I can use veterinary products to clean the pads. Such ease to use, sanitize and reuse quickly. They have proven to be puppy proof, working dog proof and so comfortable for the dogs! I have yet to find a canine product that I love as much as my Primo Pads. I highly recommend them.

  209. Pat

    Have had primo pads for our dogs crates for four years they make cleaning the crate a breeze. The dogs are safe and comfortable, no need to worry about them chewing the bedding. Our primo pads look like new yet.

  210. Peggy Burns

    I use these pads in my kennels, RV and home crates. I have bullmastiffs and they seem very comfortable on them year round and while traveling. They don’t destroy them at all and haven’t even tried. Trust I have tried a lot of crate pads which my crew have destroyed them all, but they love their Primo Pads and just enjoy the comfort. Great pads you won’t find anything better.

  211. Teresa

    First thing we were able to put in our dogs kennel that she didn’t try to eat, chew on and destroy. Other things would last a day or 2, the primo pad is now over 2 years old and just like new.

  212. Tracy (verified owner)

    Absolutely fabulous. Bullmastiff puppy cannot pull up like other crate pads. I think they will be cool in the summer. Super easy cleanup when an puppy had diarrhea. Hosed it off and air dried. Just love these pads and ordering more.

  213. Lonnie Coates (verified owner)

    This is the only pad our 1-1/2 year old catahoula has not destroyed. It’s going on 9 months now and not even a scratch!

    Thank you Primo Pads for the great product, and i’ll be ordering another for our 10 week old lab soon!

  214. Vickie Carson

    My dogs love their pads and so do we! Easy to take care of and the dogs don’t destroy them!

  215. Michelle Jackson

    Best product EVER! I have one in every crate in my kennels and home and tell every puppy buyer they MUST get one. Stops elbow soreness and super easy to clean!

  216. Connie

    These pads are the BEST! It is a durable pad that gives cushion to my dog. I have 2 pads now and getting another pad for the 3rd crate.

  217. Sandee Stuczynski

    I have many of these and had them for many years getting another one The best Pads ever

  218. Vicki

    Finally a pad my Mastiffs cannot destroy! So easy to clean.

  219. Alicia

    I’ve had 2 of my primo pads for 4 years and they are still in great condition. They are great in the warmer weather for my rottweiler as they do not seem to cause him to get as hot but provide him the padding.

  220. Lynda Beam

    only thing I could use with my akita that he did not destroy, the Primo Pad outlived him

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