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Measure the Outside of the wire crate. DO NOT measure the pan.

Our standard sizes fit most standard crates. If you do not see the size you want in our standard pad sizes please email us for a custom size quote.

Custom sizing: Please email us at:

(We no longer ship to Alaska or Hawaii)

Wire Crate Size
13″ x 22″
18″ x 24″
19″ x 30″
21″ x 30″
22″ x 36″
23″ x 36″
24″ x 36″
28″ x 42″
28″ x 48″
30″ x 48″
36″ x 54″

LockDown System

Optional Zip Ties to keep from sliding in crate

Is your dog an aggressive chewer? Does he dig up his bedding and try to push it aside? Do you have a puppy that may be going through a chewing stage? If so you will want to request our “lockdown system” with your pad. There is no additional charge for this.

Primo Pads offer re-closeable zip ties that are strategically placed along all four sides of your dog crate pads. To use this feature you must remove the plastic tray from your crate.

Secure ties to the underside bars of your metal crate. Make sure that the ties are under the crate where the dog can not get to them.

The ties can be opened and the pad removed from your dog crate pad for cleaning and then reattached.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1299 reviews
Hailey M.
Really like it!

I have a dog whos unfortunately stuck on crate rest due to a cruciate tear, so i wanted to get her something comfy. Shes a golden so she gets very warm with normal fluffy kennel mats, but this primo pad keeps her warm! She also loves to dig, and has destroyed three crate beds in her short life, and so far this has been dig proof! Very easy to clean and sanitize also!

Robert Jovanovski
So far so good

We have had a Primo Pad in our Doberman’s crate for 3 weeks now and it has worked perfectly. We have gone through 3-4 “tough” beds but none have lasted. This one is ziptied down and he has not even trried to bite it. Thankful!

Game changer!

I’ve heard of primo pads in the past and was reluctant to try them. My pittie girl shreds beds, blankets, towels.. so she was forced to sit on the plastic tray in a wire crate. Within the past year, she has started chewing and ripping apart the plastic trays.. I’ve gone through at least five. I finally purchased a primo pad and I’m kicking myself for not getting one sooner! I got the zip ties that keep it in place. On day one my girl actually laid down in her crate before I even left the room which has never happened. She immediately felt comfortable. It’s been over a week and she has not shredded the edges. She has scratched at the pad a bit but it hasn’t ripped. Paws crossed this is it!

stephanie vankoughnet
Finally, so far so good

My Boxer destroys everything. He destroyed 2 dog crates, my couch, numerous dog beds. I finally found a steel dog cage on Amazon that he couldn't destroy, however the bottom is steel bars and I couldn't find a dog bed that he didn't shred. Then someone recommended the primo pad with the zip ties. I'm excited to say we have been using the pad for 2 weeks and he has not shredded it up.

Denzel Rosenthal
Customer service

This is a awesome company from the employees to the product!!! After 5 beds and 400$ dollars later I have found the perfect bed for my bully.