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Measure the Outside of the wire crate. DO NOT measure the pan.

Our standard sizes fit most standard crates. If you do not see the size you want in our standard pad sizes please email us for a custom size quote.

Custom sizing: Please email us at:

(We no longer ship to Alaska or Hawaii)

Wire Crate Size
13″ x 22″
18″ x 24″
19″ x 30″
21″ x 30″
22″ x 36″
23″ x 36″
24″ x 36″
28″ x 42″
28″ x 48″
30″ x 48″
36″ x 54″

LockDown System

Optional Zip Ties to keep from sliding in crate

Is your dog an aggressive chewer? Does he dig up his bedding and try to push it aside? Do you have a puppy that may be going through a chewing stage? If so you will want to request our “lockdown system” with your pad. There is no additional charge for this.

Primo Pads offer re-closeable zip ties that are strategically placed along all four sides of your dog crate pads. To use this feature you must remove the plastic tray from your crate.

Secure ties to the underside bars of your metal crate. Make sure that the ties are under the crate where the dog can not get to them.

The ties can be opened and the pad removed from your dog crate pad for cleaning and then reattached.

1227 reviews for Primo Pad

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Wonderful product and customer service!!

  2. Paula Rausch (verified owner)

    Love the pads.

  3. Alicia S. (verified owner)

    Fits the bill! I work in a small, warehouse office and needed a dog bed that I could easily clean (bc people inevitably walk on it), and would offer cushion for the dogs from the hard tile floor. This is my 2nd primo pad for the office. No complaints.

  4. Haley K. (verified owner)

    I keep coming back for more. So easy to clean, much better than a plastic crate mat and no more risk of impaction from dogs chewing on blankets. Thank you for a quality product!

  5. Valarie (verified owner)

    Awesome pads, the only thing that have worked for crate bedding!

  6. Linda Gasper (verified owner)

    I purchased my original primo pads years ago and I am still using most of them. Just had to replace two of them recently. Service was excellent and I received them fast. I also had a custom one made for my whelping box best thing I ever did. Mom and babies are very comfortable and clean up is a snap the size was perfect. Thank you primo pads for an excellent product

  7. Mary (verified owner)

    I’ve used primo pads for years. My dogs love them. I love that they save the coat from breaking.

  8. Amy Dow-Lovegrove (verified owner)

    My dog chewed every crate mat that I bought before I bought this one-GREAT product and easy to clean!!

  9. Theresa (verified owner)

    Love them bought 2 one for his inside crate and the other for the crate in the van. He has been terrible at tearing up crate pads but the way these lock into place he hasn’t been able to destroy them. Keeping my fingers crossed

  10. Kerrie Hoover (verified owner)

    I love Primo pads . I don’t have pad chewers. But I do have a couple older dogs who appreciate having them in the crates and on the floors. They also keep crate noise to a minimum!

  11. Erin M. (verified owner)

    great product! easy to wipe clean & my dogs like them. The staff was very helpful when i called in &needed my order processed quickly.

  12. M Lynn (verified owner)

    These pads are great especially for puppies. They provide cushioning without the worry of being destroyed by puppy shark teeth. They are easy to pull out, clean and snap back into place. They stay in place and provide sound dampening with wire kennel trays. I have purchased two pads as my puppy has grown and needed a larger kennel. I would definitely buy this product again.

  13. Amy (verified owner)

    This dog bed is the best! My chew happy husky-mix now has a bed that is virtually indestructible. I did purchase the clips to secure it to the crate (a must-as she immediately tried to pull up a corner). Soft, durable, and easy wipe down cleanup! I highly recommend this product.

  14. Lisa S. (verified owner)

    Best pad ever. I love it and the anchoring parts. It’s the only padded item my dog hasn’t been able to tear up.

  15. Christina OReilly (verified owner)

    Hands down the best! I have German shepherd siblings that have torn apart all their kennel beds. They haven’t even tried with these!

  16. Donna H. (verified owner)

    This pad stands up to Husky corner crate digging LIKE A CHAMP!
    My foster dogs now love going in the crate to take a nap! They never did that with the plastic tray that comes with the Kong crate, and only about $20 more than a replacement tray!

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’ve bought three of these to use in our SUV kennels. All of our dogs are large and travel often. The primo pads are perfect because they provide good support, hold up well, and are super easy to clean. We couldn’t be happier with them.

  18. Pam (verified owner)

    Despite the name sounding like a feminine hygiene product, this is an excellent mat. Easy to fit in a crate and my puppy has not destroyed it.

  19. Sharyn V. (verified owner)

    Our dog has chewed everything we put in her crate. Our trainer suggested this Primo Pad and we love it. It has been in one piece since we got it. Definitely would recommend

  20. Laura (verified owner)

    My pad arrived promptly, and looks great! I have used these in my kennel for several years. They are durable and last quite a while as long as the dogs don’t scratch them.

  21. Kelly G. (verified owner)

    I love these… It fits in the crate perfect.. Thank you for great customer service..

  22. Kathy Lang (verified owner)

    Love, love, love your Primo Pads!

  23. Amy (verified owner)

  24. Dan N. (verified owner)

    The pads are awesome, and the dogs are comfortable now.

  25. Melissa (verified owner)

    Got two 24″ x 18″ pads for our G1 intermediate Gunner kennels and they fit great! The pads are a bit harder than expected, but easy to clean. Overall very happy with the purchase.

  26. Lori F. (verified owner)

    I love these pads. I have ordered one for each of my 5 dogs and will continue to do so with future additions to the family. Easy to clean, non-destructive and great color selection.

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

  28. Laura (verified owner)

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent product!!

  30. Donna Mouser (verified owner)

    I love the design and colors available to choose from. My orders come within a few dates of ordering. I do wish the coating was thicker. I have a scratcher and she makes holes.

  31. Denise Avery (verified owner)

    Would love to be part of an affiliate program. I recommend your product to everyone I know with GSPs

  32. CHRISTINE (verified owner)

    I purchased this pad in hopes that it would be the 1st bedding that my lab would not shred and destroy. The tie downs hold the pad in place so that he is not able to get his teeth on any part that will allow him to tear the pad…awesome product!!

  33. Charles (verified owner)

    Excellent! Very happy.

  34. Renee (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, highly durable. Nice color and size selection.

  35. amy (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Primo Pads for years and they hold up well!

  36. Chelsea V. (verified owner)

    The best crate pads around!! I run a training facility and these are all we use. We’ve had them for years with many destructive dogs and they still look brand new.

  37. Gail (verified owner)

    This is my third Primo Pad purchase. The tie down option for wire crates is essential for my Doberman, who will otherwise chew the pad corners.

  38. Jaman Williams (verified owner)

    These are the best . My dog loves it she tried to bite and couldn’t grab it I knew that I was gone like them . As much money I have spent on cotton beds and Kong beds . Primo pads is the way to go

  39. Hilary (verified owner)

    Great for our boarding business to be able to easily clean and sanitize crates in between new dogs and be assured in knowing no dog can destroy the padding in the crate!

  40. Alexandria (verified owner)

    So happy with my primo pad purchase! our mini aussie sleeps in a crate at night and it was so loud before when she would adjust, now with the primo pad it’s so quiet!! Also she is a crate mat destroyer… the primo pad is very secure and she has not destroyed it yet! Great product will recommend it to other dog owners!

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

  42. Monique B. (verified owner)

    This is the best investment ever! My dog tears everything that goes in the crate. First day he dug at it and nothing happened, from that day he just gave up. He enjoys going into his crate now, without the hard, loud, plastic bottom hurting his elbows/ankles and tummy. No more red tummy and hurting elbows! I will be buying more for all crates I own!

  43. Laurie R. (verified owner)

    Our Pittie pup has gone through multiple styles and types of bedding in his crate. This pad has been a game changer. Due to the durable cover and the tie downs provided, he has not been able to chew this pad! We definitely recommend this for the aggressive chewers.

  44. Bonnie M. (verified owner)

    Old Dog Owner Learns New Trick

    After a lifetime with dogs, I began my eighties acquiring an 8-week old Golden Retriever that would be trustworthy with my 4-year old great-grandson. This puppy loved everyone, but most of all he loved a game he thought he invented of grabbing an overlooked piece of my clothing, socks being his favorite, & running off with the article held in his mouth, while his tail vigorously wagged his signal of victory; & to this day he still does it, & he’s never put a hole in anything…. except every item I ever put in his crate, for his comfort! Over the next four years, as he grew in size, so did the crates that provided his “secure place”, & so did the size & price of the various objects he refused to accept in them … pillows, pads, soft beds, firm beds, smooth or wooly surfaces, he destroyed them all within a day of introduction into his crate! It was a race to see if I could remove him from his pile of teeth-shredded litter, before he could eat it, as I hollered & scolded him with my objections! Dragging him out was no easy chore now, with him at a robust 87-pounds!

    Then, I discovered Primo Pads, saw their Website’s video of the dog determined to scratch the pad into pieces, & failing! I read their “one time replacement guarantee”, & immediately placed my order! After a short wait for delivery, & an easy “install” of the pad in the barren crate, I brought my dog in from our outside deck, & he immediately noticed the new Primo Pad, walked into his crate, sniffed the pad’s surface, exited, then walked back in as I held my breath… he then flopped down comfortably, & with a ‘smiling’ face, seemed to say to me, “What took you so long?!”…. “I love this one!”…. apparently I’d finally found the “right” pad, that pleases him! He sleeps so contentedly on the Primo Pad, the first few mornings I had to stare closely at him to verify he was breathing!!… He LOVES this Primo Pad. I’m ordering another for him to enjoy while out on our sheltered deck. Clearly, a dog, or it’s person, is never too old to learn a new ‘trick’, when you care enough.

  45. Hannah Berenson (verified owner)

    It is awesome!!

  46. Emily (verified owner)

    Nice soft pad and easy to install. After a few weeks there was a hole we tried to tape up. 7 weeks later pad is toast. Great idea just didn’t hold up for us.

  47. Samantha M. (verified owner)

    Great quality! My very aggressive chewer, digger hasn’t been able to get through this mat!

  48. Geraldine (verified owner)

    My Setter has not been able to destroy it yet. I used the tie downs. Wrestling match to get it attached since it is a 48″ long crate. As long as there are no spills or accidents we should be good. I need to protect her coat since I will be showing her.

  49. Katy (verified owner)

    Amazing, my puppy has not torn it up at all. It a miracle! Truly impressed!

  50. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The pads for my 2 chewers work amazing, worth the money!

  51. Donald Wilson (verified owner)

  52. Kimberly Stefanik (verified owner)

  53. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Primo pads are great! I’ve purchased them for my personal dogs and now for training dogs. They are durable, easy to clean, and come in great colors! I recently had a client dog that was dealing with (minor) separation anxiety and was inclined to scratch at the pad. The primo pad stayed firmly in place in the kennel and does not even show scratch marks from the dog.

  54. Rebecca (verified owner)

  55. Timothy S. (verified owner)

    Great product…my puppies are enjoying them.
    Very durable, fast delivery.

  56. Hunter (verified owner)

  57. Georgette Schaefer (verified owner)

    Always very helpful on sizes

  58. Linda G. (verified owner)

    Have been using Primo Pads for years. They hold up beautifully even with my worst chewers. They are so easy to clean and look beautiful!

  59. Susan W. (verified owner)

    Best pad ever! Easy to clean, cushiony, dogs cannot destroy them! I first bought a Primo Pad years ago when my 69+ pound dog developed hygromas on both elbows from plopping down hard on my tile floors. Once I got a primo pad for her crate, she chose to sleep there and within months the hygromas were gone. Been a fan ever since.

  60. Jo Fulkerson (verified owner)

    Very best pads around. Dogs love them and they stand up to a lot of wear and tear highly recommend

  61. Susan (verified owner)

    THE Best waterproof crate pad ever!

  62. Anna S. (verified owner)

    Fantastic. Makes the dog actually enjoy his crate.

  63. Pippa S. (verified owner)

    Do not hesitate to buy! Our 16 week old Husky puppy has tried digging and couldn’t get to the pad. I love how well padded the pad is, he sleeps so soundly. Excellent quality, fantastic price!

  64. Scott M. (verified owner)

    Pretty high quality. My Bully scratched thru the top vinyl layer in 48-hours. Customer service honored the warranty and sent a new pad. The lock down system is really slick and keeps my Bully from flipping over his bed and gutting the bottom like he did with all previous crate beds.

  65. Anonymous (verified owner)

  66. Virginia (verified owner)

    Only have had this pad for a few weeks. It was easy to connect to the crate with the zip ties. Easy to wipe clean.

  67. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    I LOVE Primo pads! They are rugged, comfy, waterproof, and easy to clean. My dog chews up other beds but not these. We finally found a bed he likes sleeping on and does not chew up. They are really great for taking to the boarding kennel too.

  68. Jason B. (verified owner)

    She tore up everything I gave her to lay on,but this pad,she finally met her match. Great product,I only wish I found it sooner,I could have saved money.

  69. Brett C. (verified owner)

    Highest quality pad we’ve had! Definitely worth the investment!

  70. Mindy G. (verified owner)

    Got my first primo pad around eight years ago and haven’t looked back since. They are super easy to clean, I either wipe them down with a Clorox wipe or take them out and hose them off. Love the support they offer my older dogs. Also my dogs really dislike the heat and these vinyl coated pads really keep them cool in the summer months. which is a big plus. I’ll never buy any other crate pad.

  71. Lois McDonald (verified owner)

    Love it

  72. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product. Fast service.

  73. Austin R. (verified owner)

    Exactly what I was looking for. Great quality!

  74. Leslie Lakind (verified owner)

    This is exactly what I wanted

  75. Anonymous (verified owner)

  76. Mark P. (verified owner)

    I had been thru a couple of pads already as my 9 month old 80lb fit and ready lab Ruger saw to that . I had called on an off day and got an answering service spoke briefly and just hung up .. then later that eve I got a call from Eric who made the purchase of this pad a no brainer . After he explained the product and ensured a speedy delivery , I pulled the trigger and bought the pad . I’ve had the pad a few weeks now and Ruger loves it .. the padding is so sufficient that he goes in more now on his own to simply rest than he ever did before . One day his bone got on the outside of the crate and you could see where he dug at the pad where the bone was trying to get it back inside….you could see slight marks on top of the pad but the vinyl is such high quality it shows little wear … my past two pads would have fallen apart with the effort he obviously gave trying to get to that bone. He’s no quitter , lol !! Bottom line…. Amazing pad , great quality and customer service that goes above and beyond …. Thanks Eric !!
    Ruger thanks you too !!

  77. Emilee S. (verified owner)

  78. Melissa B. (verified owner)

    After our new family member, an adopted mix breed puppy, destroyed several beds and chewed a blanket and towel (and had surgery to remove a blockage), we needed something for his crate that would be durable, comfy, and most importantly, keep him safe while we were at work. When both our friend and our trainer told us they use Primo Pads were their dogs, we had to give it a try. Success! The anchors keep the pad in place, it is easy to clean, and Howie is quite happy laying on it! We’ve already recommended one to our friends who adopted Howie’s brother!

  79. Courtney Lonchena (verified owner)

    I have these pads in all of my crate and just LOVE THEM! Easy to clean and prevent callouses. They are worth every cent.

  80. Terri Gagne (verified owner)

  81. Sara (verified owner)

    Best crate pad on the market. Waterproof, chew resistant, proper cushioning and very easy to clean.

  82. Hanzel Pereira (verified owner)

    The only pad that has not been chewed up by my puppy

  83. Becky E. (verified owner)

    I love Primo Pads! First time I have had them shipped and was so pleased to have my order within a week. One pad was even a custom order. Thank you!

  84. Laura Allen (verified owner)

  85. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Only crate pad my dog hasn’t been able to destroy!

  86. Kathleen (verified owner)

    Extremely durable and easy to wipe clean!

  87. Nancy (verified owner)

    Very very durable! I have a big strong dog who digs on his mat and he has not been able to destroy this. My previous Primo pad lasted through 2 Dobermans and about 10 years! I love it!

  88. Alyssia (verified owner)

    I got the 28×42 pad and it fits my dog’s xxl crate perfectly, installed so easily, and is probably the easiest thing to clean in my entire house. This is the first bedding my dog has not destroyed- very durable and stays cool unlike cloth beds. Will definitely buy again if/when I need a new crate pad.

  89. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Could not have asked for a better crate pad! My super chewer hasn’t even tried to chew it up. Would absolutely recommend!

  90. Brittany (verified owner)

    The Primo pad has held up surprising well under my German Shepherd puppy, is easy to clean and a worthwhile purchase.

  91. James (verified owner)

    Best purchase ever for our border collie pups that had chewed up all other crate mats. These are awesome.

  92. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Thought it was a bit hard for a pad, but overall it’s pretty durable.

  93. Matthew Fetrow (verified owner)

    Absolutely Love this!!! Fits crate perfectly!! Definitely buying these for my 2 larger crates!!

  94. Laura G. (verified owner)

    I have some primo pads that are about 15 years old and still in good condition. My dogs are hot, and these pads keep them cool. They also do a lot of activities where they get very dirty or wet and these pads are perfect as they wipe down so easily.

  95. Valerie (verified owner)

    I ordered a black pad with the tie downs for my super destructive Doberman. She would chew up blankets and all other beds if they had any kind of stuffing. I’ve had the pad about a month now and so far, so good. She hasn’t scratched or chewed on it any that I can see, hopefully this is the solution!

  96. Donna M. (verified owner)

    Fits perfectly and provides a very nice, easily cleaned, soft service for my dogs to enjoy.

  97. Ruth A. (verified owner)

    Primo pad arrived timely. It fits the large crate for my Great Dane well & I chose not to get the tie-down connections… my dog doesn’t try to pull at the pad. He seems to rest most comfortably. Thankyou for this product; it’s perfect!!!

  98. Chris Roeder (verified owner)

  99. Christian (verified owner)

    Yes!! So glad you mentioned to measure it cause the box was wrong and I had to go with the smaller size. Fits perfect and my dog doesn’t look ache as much when he wakes up in the morning.

  100. Anonymous (verified owner)

  101. Stephanie Hunt (verified owner)

  102. Dennis (verified owner)

    My Cane Corso loves this mat. He used to have a problem going in his cage but now that he has this primo pad he sleeps peacefully and doesn’t mind going in his cage.

  103. Shannon L. (verified owner)

    Indestructible! Puppy chewed through tons of other beds. This gives him something soft to lay on during crate time.

  104. Amy (verified owner)

    I’ve been buying these for 15 yrs. Best crate pad ever!

  105. Leslie (verified owner)

    These pads are amazing. First thing our two German short hair pointer haven’t destroyed. Thank you

  106. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The only pad to survive my puppy ☺️

  107. Heathyr (verified owner)

    Absolutely Perfect!

  108. Robert (verified owner)

    As far as I’m concerned, these are the best crate pads on the market. They’re seemingly comfortable for the dog. They fit snugly to the bottom of the crate, such that the dog can’t really chew on the edges and such that the crate can fold without removing the pad. It’s also easy to clean. Highly recommend.

  109. Ellen Shearer (verified owner)

    ❤️ primo pads with my Labradors. Only cushioning I trust to have in a crate with my dogs. They love them!!

  110. Joann Sesser (verified owner)

    As always, I’m 100% pleased with my Primo Pads. The shipping was faster then I ever expected!! I’ll never use anything else in my crates!!

  111. Carol W. (verified owner)

  112. roma horodysky (verified owner)

    These are the ONLY pads…(and I have tried them all) that my boy will not try to eat. They are awesome!

  113. Eileen G. (verified owner)

    Great product

  114. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love this product! Returning Customer!

  115. Carmen Hunnicutt (verified owner)

    For the most part your pads were wonderful. We used them at our regional an national show to try to maximize our dogs comfort since they were having to be crated longer than usual. Even with the ties I still had one dog that was able to get a corner of the pad chewed, he is a boredom chewers and was able to get the corner.

  116. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent quality products matched with superior customer service, can’t be outdone~

  117. Angela Kuhn (verified owner)

  118. Jana Dupre (verified owner)

  119. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent as usual!!

  120. alison (verified owner)

    1st pad I bought was perfect. This pad is bigger and does not fit the crate like the first one did. There is a big crinkle down the center and ends smashed and bubbles. Nice product but disappointed for the price and quality.

  121. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect for padding our wet table for dental procedures on dogs and kitties!

  122. Marilyn (verified owner)

    My dogs have destroyed every bed I’ve given them in their crates. They have not touch this bed .Great design. Love it.

  123. Raven (verified owner)

    Always add a primo pad to any of our kennels. Reduce callouses and easy to keep clean!

  124. Margaret F. (verified owner)

    Primo pads are the best. I couldn’t put anything in my dog’s crate without her chewing it up. I got a primo pad with the lock downs and it is now 2 years old and in perfect condition. It’s the only thing she couldn’t destroy. She scratches on it also, but there’s no holes. I bought one for each of my dogs and they seem to be very comfortable sleeping on them. I highly recommend them.

  125. Anonymous (verified owner)

  126. Don (verified owner)

    So far the Primo Pad has been very durable. Our dog hasn’t tried chewing it up. It’s built well and fits the crate perfectly.

  127. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I love these crate pads. We’ve bought several and have used them since 2015. They seemingly last a lifetime and are well worth the cost. I highly recommend!

  128. Elizabeth Gautier (verified owner)

    Great product! Highly recommended! Good quality and awesome color! And the most important thing: is indestructible!

  129. Susi P. (verified owner)

    This pad is perfect…My little girl has not been scratching at it —but if you had one that did, it would likely hold up. She is comfortable in her crate though she has other cushions to lay on and though she has not had an accident, this again would be perfect for a pup that did, as it would clean up easily! Highly recommend!

  130. Veronica P. (verified owner)

    Love the pad!!

  131. Michelle M. (verified owner)

  132. Rita E. (verified owner)

    I use nothing but Primo Pads for my show dogs crates at home as well as at shows.
    Comfortable and easy to clean.

  133. Doug S. (verified owner)

    Fits crate nicely, vacuum hair our easily. Wipes clean. Great mat.

  134. Jessie (verified owner)

    This is the first pad my dog hasn’t even tried to destroy. Life changing. Only sorry I didn’t buy it sooner. Thanks!

  135. Christina P. (verified owner)

    Fits crate perfectly! Constructed to perfection, I see how they are indestructible!

  136. Nikki McClendon (verified owner)

    Think this is the best crate pad available.

  137. Charles E. (verified owner)

    Initial thoughts were the pads seem a little expensive, but after purchasing one, I have been extremely pleased with the quality and even ordered a second one for a different crate. Pad seems soft for the pups, easy to clean and look brand new after 6 weeks. I did get the straps to help hold it down to the crate and no issues with the pups trying to chew although they chew everything else.

  138. Laura Barnes (verified owner)

    This is my first time purchasing and am very happy with my pads. The order came very quickly too. It is so easy to keep clean and are very well made.

  139. Haley G. (verified owner)

    This is a godsend!! The only mat that has ever worked for my pup. He stays cool and comfortable. This is the only one he hasn’t destroyed or even tried to destroy.

  140. Terri Cornilliac (verified owner)

    Great quality waterproof sealed pad. We use them for extra cushion in our boat for the dogs to lay on.

  141. Julie Ladd (verified owner)

  142. Melody K. (verified owner)

    I love Primo Pads & recommend them to everyone.

  143. Chris B. (verified owner)

    Awesome! Fits crate perfectly! Definitely puppy proof! Highly recommend!

  144. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Only dog crate pads my dogs cannot rip up. One is a digger and the other one will chew corners if he can get to them. This crate pad takes the digging and the other dog cannot get to the corners to chew. I don’t even have them secured with zip ties anymore since they don’t even try to get the edges up. they are perfect fits for the crates. easily cleaned and provide a softer surface for my dogs to lay on than the plastic crate liners they would be stuck with otherwise. Great products

  145. Courtney O. (verified owner)

    So far our two Aussie pups haven’t chewed these up! They are a really good quality and I recommend getting the kennel clips even if you don’t end up needing them, you can take them off. Love our primo pads!

  146. Leslie C. (verified owner)

    Fits crate perfectly. Good support for dog. Easy to clean. Wish they still came in purple.

  147. Sandy G. (verified owner)

    So far, it’s exactly what was promised; tough, sturdy and puppy-proof. If our puppy has an accident, we simply hose the pad off and start over.

  148. Laura G. (verified owner)

    I ordered 15 pads for 36 and 42 inch crates. They fit well and the only one who damaged one was a 10 month old standard poodle puppy. Once they were shipped they arrived as expected

  149. Heather (verified owner)

    Love our pad! Wish we would have gotten sooner!

  150. Anonymous (verified owner)

  151. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The primo crate pad is wonderful! My puppy destroyed every other blanket or bed that I tried. This on has held up to her digging, and she has been unable to chew on it.

  152. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love the Primo Pads! They’re very durable and I like how they tie down. The reason I gave it 3 stars was because it took over a month to get them and when I called the company (twice) plus emailed them, I got no reply. I was actually starting to get worried that I wouldn’t get them.

  153. Rosemary J. (verified owner)

    I have bulldogs and they are digging at the pads with great success. You need to put some kind of deterrent in the process a smell or something that they don’t like.

  154. Jessica (verified owner)

    My Great Dane chewed up anything and everything I put in his cage, shredding sheets and blankets too. I got the pad with lockdown and it has been amazing! He’s not able to pull it up at any of the edges or chew on it at all and it’s been 3 weeks. I feel better knowing he’s got a comfortable pad to rest and support his joints and no longer worry about shredding and eating beds that could cause an obstruction or worse. The price is reasonable compared to replacing beds all the time or expensive vet bills from ingesting bedding.

  155. Judith L. (verified owner)

    I’ve used Primo pads for years & have always been happy with them. With multiple Dobermans, they are easy to clean. I always get the tie-down ones and have never had one destroyed.

  156. Samantha Patts (verified owner)

    I bought this for my 7 month old German Shepherd. She is a bed destroyer and her breeder recommended primo pads and I am so happy she did! Amazing quality and my pup does not even try to chew it. I am going to be ordering another one for in her ruffland kennel for in the car!

  157. Michelle S. (verified owner)

    Unfortunately we are not able to utilize this wonderful product as the pad is too large for our crate.

    As directed on the website it is imperative that measurements be made of the actual crate before ordering the pad—due to time constraints, we were not able to do so and now the pad does not fit.

    Overall the pad appears to be of high quality and integrity—highly recommended by the breeder of our new puppy!

  158. Isabella (verified owner)

    So far, this pad is seriously fantastic. I have a high drive Doberman who eats any and every bed I put in his crate. He hasn’t eaten this one, and the zip ties are genius! I love it.

  159. Mary Bowes (verified owner)

    I haven’t unpacked the pad yet, however I have complete faith it will be as expected. I would not have a crate without a primo pad!

  160. Katherine (verified owner)

    Indestructible in crate when tie downs are attached. Comfortable and attractive.

  161. Michael H. (verified owner)

    My 2 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever vomited on his Primo Pad at 1:30 am. I was able to clean it up very easily, get him back in his kennel and get back to bed myself. I know this may not sound like a great sales story, however the fact that I could clean up that pad so quick and easy made it worth every penny. I ordered a second one to replace the cardboard/cloth pad in his travel kennel.

  162. Barbara K. (verified owner)

    My dog hasn’t been able to so much as scratch it! Works great!

  163. Terri Wilson (verified owner)

    I have used primo pads for over 20 years. They last forever, my dogs find them very comfortable and they provide traction so the dogs don’t slide around when the crates are in the car. The only one I ever had damaged was when a puppy managed to pull one corner up and chewed it. I have a primo pad in every crate I own!

  164. brittany d. (verified owner)

    I love the beds and so do my babies. I didn’t like that I measured my cages and even did a size smaller and they are still to big I wanted them to fit perfect so I went a size smaller on purpose and when they arrived I put them in and they hang out of the cages.

  165. Jessica A. (verified owner)

    Many of my foster pups come to me with crate-sores or lesions from not having soft beds but their anxieties cause them to shred, eat or destroy other beds and blankets. I’m so happy with this primo pad and so are my foster pups! Let the comfort and healing begin for these sweeties while they transition back to a safe world! I finally found some thing they can’t destroy!

  166. Michele (verified owner)

    My Samoyed loves the pad. As soon as we put it in the crate he slept through the night. It’s durable and easy to clean. I did order it with the ties but I haven’t had to use them as it fits snug in the crate.

  167. Shawn A. (verified owner)

    So far so good.
    We have a 6mth old doberman pup.
    He chews and digs with much determination so we needed something that he can’t rip apart.
    This pad has held up for several weeks now. He can tear up a typical store pad in minutes!
    Thank you Primo!

  168. Paul Wilson (verified owner)

    I ordered a pad for a 23×36 crate and what I got is really too wide.

  169. Kerian Bray (verified owner)

    LOVE it!
    Can’t tell u enough how good these pads are. I got one to see if they lived up to the “hype”. And they surpass my expectations.
    I will be ordering more.

  170. Dan R. (verified owner)

    Our pup loves it and it was highly recommended by our groomer.

  171. Rebekah (verified owner)

    We have a new puppy and this pad is great in her crate. She is not able to rip or tear it and if she has any accidents it’s easy to wipe clean.

  172. Anonymous (verified owner)

    amazing product

  173. Deanna Simmons (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these primo pads! I have two German Shepherd‘s that tend to get a little destructive one out of boredom the other out of brattiness. And so far they have not teared it up. I’ve heard them trying and every time I look there’s no damage!! It’s also super easy to clean and it feels like.. well, a pad haha. It’s not plush but it’s softer than the floor, kinda like a thick yoga mat. I’m very basic so I went with black for both of them and I did get the tiedowns that come with the pads and it was super easy to put on their crates. Highly recommend them!

  174. Michelle C. (verified owner)

    I ordered these for my St. Bernards to make sure they were comfortable on the 34 hour road trip to our National Specialty. They are amazing, the dogs slept comfortably with no fidgeting the whole trip, which I attribute to their Primo pads!

  175. Ron Keefe (verified owner)

    Wonderful pad for my dogs crate, she has destroyed everything I put in there before but not this pad. I use the tie downs which are supplied and she can’t get to the corners. So far so good after 1 month.

  176. Virginia (verified owner)

  177. Deborah (verified owner)

    Best pet pads to buy. Awesome quality and holds up to my Labrador Retrievers.

  178. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very sturdy and comfy. Easy to clean and holds up well!

  179. Danielle W. (verified owner)

    Pads are great. I wish they arrived sooner than 3 weeks from being ordered.

  180. Haley Howe (verified owner)

    I got my first primo pad for my husky mix, a little apprehensive since he’s a digger, and it’s held up! I bought it with intentions to keep his big bones and joints healthy as he ages (he doesn’t like “normal dog beds, cuz HOT) and our primo pad has been the perfect substitute! I am also a dog trainer so I plan to buy more in bulk for my business

  181. Jeanne C. (verified owner)

    Fits well inside of the crate. The pad is firm and supportive. my young lab doesn’t do well with soft and fluffy, they don’t even last one night I have a shredder

  182. GRETCHEN S. (verified owner)

    Wonderful crate pad! I wish i would have gotten soon. Easy to clean and chew/shred proof

  183. Theresa M. (verified owner)

  184. holly (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these and great customer service. Unfortunately sharp puppy teeth made small hole already.

  185. Douglas Brown (verified owner)

    The pad is perfect and our dog loves it!

  186. Jennifer (verified owner)

    Great pet bed!

  187. Kathleen (verified owner)

    We got this pad for our dog’s crate after she started chewing her fabric pad. She has not been able to chew it – we did get the tie downs – and they have worked perfectly! The fact that this pad is waterproof is a huge bonus, as our dog tends to spill her water in the crate, and she got sick one day, too. Easy clean up. We’re very happy with this, and would recommend it. Five stars!

  188. Mary G. (verified owner)

    I love these pads. They keep the dogs cool, give them support and are easy to clean.

  189. Joni (verified owner)

    These Primo pads are awesome! They are so durable, easy to clean and last a long time! I like the color selection too!

  190. Kat Martin (verified owner)

    excellent product and service!

  191. Debra Linden (verified owner)

  192. Eileen (verified owner)

    Love them and large dog approved

  193. Laura B. (verified owner)

    I had my doubts that these would hold up to my chewer of a pup, but after multiple recommendations from friends, I went for it. Very satisfied with it as now my pup has a comfy pad to lay on in her crate. While it’s only been a week, I feel good about the purchase. Love the vibrant colors and the ease of wiping them down. Actually thinking of picking up another set for my travel crates.

  194. Jeffrey O. (verified owner)

    This is my second one for the larger crate for my South African Boerboel in the last month as he is growing fast. So far they have held up very well and have some good thick padding for his big butt.

  195. Megan N. (verified owner)

    We love our Primo pads. They last a long time. Both my dogs are very active. If going to a dog show or other dog sport, the crate pad looks great and is easy to clean.
    No worries of trapping fleas or ticks in the bedding and yet soft enough to avoid unsightly elbow callouses.

  196. Autumn (verified owner)

    Wow! Totally impressed! We have 2 labs and they LOVE to chew and destroy. They have nothing on this primo pad!!!

  197. Karen Smith (verified owner)

    I have several of these in different sizes and colors and absolutely love them for my wire crates! Easy to clean and very durable!

  198. David (verified owner)

    I bought this crate pad for my Black and Tan Coonhound puppy who loves to dig. I needed something he could not rip up and was water proof as he still has occasional accidents at night. This works perfect!!! It fits very snug into his crate. He still digs at it but it show no sign of ripping at all. Also, very easy to clean. Just wipe it off when needed and it’s ready.

  199. Anonymous (verified owner)

  200. Anonymous (verified owner)

    So far so good. The most destructive dog I’ve ever had but so far she’s not destroy this. Most of the time and other beds it’s been within 24 hours

  201. TANJA GARRETT (verified owner)

    Love these pads… better ever!

  202. Geula (verified owner)

    Finally got new colors – thought my original pad of at least 10 years is still intact!

  203. Patricia B. (verified owner)

    So far so good. I’ve only had these a week but the pads work great inside my crates. I own a small kennel and these pads are great!

  204. Paul T. (verified owner)

    60lb, 9 mo. old Lab pup had ripped up five or six different beds. After two weeks the Primo pad, with the zip ties, is still in one piece! Very pleasant surprise!

  205. Wendy Y. (verified owner)

    The best dog crate purchase! I can’t count how many crate blankies and beds my Lab and Greater Swiss Mountain dogs have destroyed. I was skeptical, especially with the lab, but they love them? So happy with my purchase!

  206. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product and so easy to clean!

  207. Erin L. (verified owner)

    This pad is fantastic! When I adopted my dog, I purchased a nice, soft, cushiony pad from Petsmart due to whole adoption process moving quickly. I wish I would have just purchased this pad instead. My dog was dealing with some anxiety and started chewing the old pad. When I left the house, he tore that pad to shreds. I saw someone post about this pad on social media and I thought why not? I think my dog has enjoyed this new pad way more than the old one. The only thing he chewed on it was the zip ties to hold it down to the crate because I didn’t attach them right away. He actually voluntarily hangs out in his crate now! I will definitely recommend this pad to anyone searching.

  208. Kyle Stradtman (verified owner)

    Shipped quick durable and looks like my dog is comfy.

  209. Sabrina (verified owner)

    I have had my Primo Pad for over a week now and I am very impressed. My dog decided that her Kennel wasn’t good enough and tore the plastic sheet the Kennel came with to shreds. I was anxious because she has torn almost every bed, sheet, and pillow I’ve offered her but so far she seems to enjoy the Primo Pad and has decided not to tear it apart. I love how you can choose different colors as well as attachments. I will be purchasing more in the future!

  210. Paul C. (verified owner)

    Pad was great and a snug fit into the crate.

  211. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent, comfy and durable!

  212. Sonia D. (verified owner)

  213. PURNIMA SHARMA (verified owner)

    I have a golden lab who has destroyed every bed from Kong brand to the toughest brands within a matter of days. Primo pad was recommended by my pups trainer and so far it has held up so strong and has helped with his elbows so he’s not laying on the hard crate. Its almost been a month and he loves it best of all he can not lift it up to bite it since it has secured zip ties to hold it down. its even withheld scratching! my pup gave up trying ha! best product 100% recommend! wish i got it sooner and saved on all the money we spent trying to find the best bed for our boy.

    Thank you!!!

  214. Amber (verified owner)

    So far so good! Nice quality mats. I like having the option for the lock down system (and at no extra cost!). Very pleased with my purchase.

  215. Evan (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with the Primo Pad. My dog loves it.

  216. Michel X. (verified owner)

    Great pad as advertised and very affordable. I purchased 2 and highly recommend Primo Pad. I will definitely come back in the future

  217. Sheila Cooper (verified owner)

    I purchased 3 of these, via recommendation from my breeder, and they are phenomenal!! Pups love them and the quality is like no other. Very happy mom of 3 happy pups.

  218. Eric Eisenstein (verified owner)

  219. Paul Bane (verified owner)

    Perfect for chewers. But it is a little squeaky

  220. Diane D. (verified owner)

  221. KATHY F. (verified owner)

  222. Emily B. (verified owner)

    We are sold on Primo Pads now! It came quickly and is high quality. We love the option to be able to attach it to the crate as well. Can’t wait to buy more. Our destructive dog has not touched it (knock on wood)!

  223. Kelly (verified owner)

    Love these pads! Great for so many different things. They fit great in the cargo area of my Tahoe.

  224. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fit the dogs’ crates perfectly! Delightfully firm support!

  225. Kaitlyn S. (verified owner)

    My 8 month old Pit/Boxer Mix destroyed any and all bed/blanket/towel we’ve put in her crate. This pad was a blessing. The secure zip ties are soooo helpful, as she can’t dig up the pad to then chew on the edge. Also, I can see that she’s attempted to scratch through the pad, as there are scratch marks, but she is no where close to getting through. What a relief to have a successful bottom to her crate!! 10/10!

  226. Yvonne (verified owner)

    These pads are quality made. The colors are vibrant and they truly wear well. I own bully breed dogs that are pretty tough on everything. These pads have stood up to their abuse. I would highly recommend this product.

  227. Michael M. (verified owner)

    This is the ONLY dog bed my dog hasn’t exploded. She is a yellow lab and loves to chew when she is bored. I would 100% recommend this bed.

  228. Andrea Bixby (verified owner)

    I am a repeat customer. The quality and precise fit of these kennel pads is amazing!

  229. Angel King (verified owner)

  230. Susan (verified owner)

    My golden retriever is terrified of fireworks and thunderstorms, and when I put him in his wire crate (to keep him from tearing up the closet drywall), he would bloody up his paws terribly as he literally tore up the crate’s original plastic tray edge. I tried putting him in a solid plastic crate instead and the result was even worse (for the dog and the crate). Thanks to Primo Pad, and the way it attaches to the bottom of his wire crate, he no longer bloodies up his paws, and is much safer even when he still tries to get out. Very happy with this purchase.

  231. Nancy (verified owner)

  232. Patti C. (verified owner)

    We learned about Primo Pads from our breeders. We, too, have come to love these products and have one in every crate for our dogs. They are so durable, easily cleanable and provide extra comfort which is so critical for joints. We love how they are smartly made to perfectly fit popular crate sizes. What a great thing for every dog!

  233. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Finally found a pad that our Husky can’t destroy. Thank you!

  234. James Shuler (verified owner)

    The pad is as advertised. It is dense/firm which is great rather than mushy/soft providing no support.

  235. Peggy (verified owner)

    I have used these pads for my dogs for over 10 years. They are wonderful to just wipe off. They are cool for them to lay on.

  236. Fred K. (verified owner)

    Nice pad, fits the crate well and cleans easily. Best of all, the service from order to shipment is quick and personal. Thanks, Primo!

  237. Suzanne (verified owner)

    Just what I needed a durable comfortable crate pad for my aggressive chewer. Ease of ordering and quick reasonable shipping.

  238. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love primo pad. My dog lives it too. This way he is not laying on ahardcrate floor! It fits nicely in the crate

  239. Amanda (verified owner)

    Fits perfectly and I swear my dog sleeps better and longer after adding the primo pad! Recommend times 100!

  240. Brenda V. (verified owner)

  241. Sherry B. (verified owner)

    Love my primo pads. Use them in all my wire crates. Recommend them to all my puppy people. Easy to clean and sanitize. Helps protect elbows in my large breed dogs. Fantastic product and great customer service.

  242. Sheree Hopkins (verified owner)

    I have been ordering these pads for my dogs crates for years. I absolutely love them! They can be wiped down easily. LOVE THEM!

  243. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quiets the movements in the crate and pretty much indestructible

  244. Tudy (verified owner)

    As usual, these pads are perfect. It’s great that they have sizes to fit every crate. I was excited to see they had pads for my Ruff Land crates in my vehicle and pads to fit the crates in my RV.

  245. Janna P. (verified owner)

    Better than a regular crate pad but not a good choice for a dog who chews. Only lasted a little over 2 months.

  246. Andrew D. (verified owner)

    Provides my mal/dutchie with comfort yet no unnecessary stuff for her to chew up. Fits perfect in my roughtuff and impact crates. Highly recommended!

  247. Leslie V. (verified owner)

    I bought 2 primo pads for both of my German Shepherds crates. We love them and so does she. When we first put them in, she was curious and tried to dig dig dig. We got the locking clamps also. She could not lift the pad up from the corners. This made it super boring for her. She loves going in her crate now because I think the pads are cooler than any bedding that has fabrics and polyfill. She use to always lay on the wooden floor before going in crate with regular bedding. The measurements are great and fit nice and snug. I honestly don’t think I needed the locking ties because of how well it fit. My German Shepherd is 4 months old and is an aggressive chewer so these primo pads are a blessing!! We have ZERO damage to the pads, it cooler to lay on and dig proof!! The best perk is the cleaning. All I do is wipe with a damp rag!!!! I love that!! No disassembling to put in a washer! We love Primo Pads!!

  248. Jeanna G. (verified owner)

    These pads fit perfectly in my wire crates. The pups can’t dig into them or eat them, and I don’t hear them shuffling around in there. The pups seems comfy laying on them and they are easy to clean. All I need in a crate pad!

  249. Joann (verified owner)

    So far, so good. Our Rescue, Mollie, has destroyed every pad we have put in her crate. She must like pink because it’s the only one that has survived. It fits perfectly in the crate, the color is really pretty and it is very well made. Thank you Primo Pads for making such a durable product at a very reasonable price.

  250. Amanda (verified owner)

  251. Charles Summers (verified owner)

    Baxter loves his Primo pads. He has one in each of his two crates. Easy to clean and very durable.

  252. Tonya Bowers (verified owner)

    My dogs now have cushion now. All bedding i have tried to use before they have tore up within a day or two. They fit very nicely in the wire crate. It is a snugg fit so make sure you follow directions when measuring your crate.

  253. Kathy Gregory (verified owner)

    Beautiful pink color! Fast delivery. I have many of your pads, mostly purchased at dog shows. I am very satisfied!

  254. Bill L. (verified owner)

    Our dog seems much more comfortable but more importantly, it’s so much quieter than the plastic liner. Very pleased with this pad.

  255. Joe A. (verified owner)

    We have a high energy puppy that likes that dig, we tried multiple beddings, some he tore through in a single day / night, we tried expensive ones and cheap ones. So far the primo pad + the latch system has been amazing. no prblems, not a single tear, and hes certainly tried to dig this one but gives up because he can’t get under it or tear it. thank you, very happy customer and sleeping puppy.

  256. Kathleen C. (verified owner)

    Love my Primo Pads. I am a dog trainer and it took a little while but every crate now has one, even the Great Dane crates! Totally worth the money. Sturdy, comfortable, and easy to clean!

  257. Valerie S. (verified owner)

    So far so good – My Doberman hasn’t destroyed it !

  258. Grecia J. (verified owner)

    Amazing quality!! My 1 year old Labrador retriever has not chewed through it and i don’t think he ever will!

  259. Hilary (verified owner)

    Great affordable and long lasting!!! My pup doesn’t chew or mess with this thing. It is super durable and lives up to the hype. No issues what so ever. Easy to clean and maneuver.

  260. Jill B. (verified owner)

    Lightweight but super tough! We have puppies in and out of crates all day (boarding and daycare) and NO damage done by the pups. Even if they COULD chew the material, they can’t GET to it since it fits so tightly into the crates. Hooray — a solution for our situation!

  261. Jeni W. (verified owner)

  262. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Easy to install, easy to clean. Puppy loves it and no more worries about him chewing the pad in his crate.

  263. Waundene (verified owner)

    Very nice pad but my dog seems to prefer the floor to his crate since I installed it. I’m hoping he’ll adjust to it soon.

  264. Anne Hobson (verified owner)

    My dog like it. It is the only pad he does not chew up

  265. Patrice D. (verified owner)

    Fantastic pads- I have 6 of them!!

  266. Haley Kirk (verified owner)

    If you are a trainer. Look no further. These are comfortable for the dogs, prevent elbow sores, no issues with unwanted ingesting bedding like with blankets, easy to wash and sanatize. What more could you want?

  267. Debbie Wright (verified owner)

  268. Molly P. (verified owner)

    This is the first thing that my yellow lab has been unable to destroy!!! Amazing!!!! It provides a good amount of support but also holds up 100% to my pup’s relentless chewing and digging!! I should’ve bought this a year ago when we first brought her home!

  269. Ron W. (verified owner)

    Great product and great customer service.

  270. Mckayla H. (verified owner)

    Got one for my Aussie because she always manages to tear up her bedding. This one she has not torn up. And it’s easy to spray and clean off if she makes a mess! Highly recommend these pads!!

  271. Emily C. (verified owner)

    Our dog has been in an empty kennel as she chewed and destroyed any bedding. It’s been a few weeks and the mat has held up amazingly!

  272. Jay Williams (verified owner)

    Very happy to find a product that my puppy can not chew and be comfortable in his grate. Well made, good quality , fits snugly and love the purple color choice.

  273. Kate S. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these! Great quality and the perfect fit for our crates. They are super easy to clean if there are messes or water spills. I highly recommend!

  274. Robin (verified owner)

    We purchased our first Primo Pad for our golden retriever puppy 4 years ago and it has held up amazingly and she loves laying in her crate and relaxing on it. When we adopted a second golden puppy 6 weeks ago we immediately purchased a primo pad for the second crate.They hold up great, are comfortable for the dog and easy to clean! I highly recommend Primo Pads!!

  275. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent product!!!

  276. Susan T. (verified owner)

    This is a great solution for a non-standard size crate. The locking system is great!

  277. Eric Eisenstein (verified owner)

    Great product. Great service. Eric rocks.

  278. Krista S. (verified owner)

    I’ve had the pads for a few weeks for my 3 dogs. They are holding up great!

  279. Kimberly F. (verified owner)

  280. Bob H. (verified owner)

  281. Melanie (verified owner)

    My pup loves her primo pad! It’s great quality, fits perfect in her crate and makes it safe & comfortable for her!

  282. Sylvia Brownlee (verified owner)

    I have these in all my crates, house cars, and camper. I just pull them out to clean. Very handy when the dogs get wet or into mud!

  283. Jeffrey O. (verified owner)

    Very well made and fast shipping. The pad fits nicely in the crate and is very padded for the dog when laying on it.

  284. Anonymous (verified owner)

  285. David Brooks (verified owner)

  286. Madison (verified owner)

    My pups love their primo pads! My border collie likes to dig at her bedding a bit and the primo pad is the only crate mat that does not tear. My Aussie puppy is a typical puppy and chewed and pawed at his old bed. The primo pad has survived so far without any issues. I LOVE the tie down system. I followed the measurement instructions and my pads fit perfectly. My puppy has really taken up with going in his crate on his own more now as well. That is a major plus for me as we have been crate training and he finally feels content and comfortable in his crate!

  287. Carrie K. (verified owner)

    This was great. The pad lasted for about a month but our dog has scratched through it 🙁

  288. Jacob Pfeiffer (verified owner)

    Works great, so easy to clean. With the anchors in place he’s been unable to get the pad up to chew it apart like previous bedding. He went from hating his crate, to laying in it even when unprompted.

  289. Judith Ebersole (verified owner)

    I have many Primo pads and love them, wouldn’t be without them!

  290. Denise (verified owner)

    The pads I got work great for my escape artist! I can see where he has scratched at it but it does not have any tears. He’s now comfortable all day and I don’t have to put blankets in there which he would formerly mess on. I wish I had found these sooner!!

  291. Linda (verified owner)

    Fits perfectly in our crate. We have purchased three pads.

  292. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    We love this thing! Our 9 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback is a little bit of an anxious chewer.

    We used to leave his bed and/or a blanket in his crate with him only to come home and find holes in his bed or pieces torn off of his blankets.

    I wanted him to be comfortable without having to worry about him choking (or ending up with a blockage!) while we were gone at work.

    He seems to like his primo pad and I feel so much better knowing that he is comfortable and safe.

    It’s also extremely easy to sweep and clean.

    Thank you, Primo Pad!

  293. Terry (verified owner)

    I can’t believe it, but my 1 year old bernedoodle has not eaten or tried to destroy the primo pad yet! He actually loves to spend time in his crate and seems to be very comfortable on it! Thanks for an amazing product.

  294. Stephen (verified owner)

    Best pad we’ve come across for our strong chewer. Two weeks in and the pad is like new. Love it.

  295. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very durable. Even our Bernese Mountain Dog puppy can’t rip it up.

  296. Eric P. (verified owner)

    Fits perfect. Well made. The tie down straps work perfect.

  297. Gabrielle (verified owner)

    Unbeatable durability

  298. Sue Gamble (verified owner)

    I love these pads and have several of them. My Golden Retriever handler in Canada asked me to get 4 of them for him because he admired mine so much. I asked that they come to me within a week of ordering and they did, which worked perfectly! I highly recommend these pads. Also, I have found them to be indestructible even with a chewer.

  299. Donna Moreno (verified owner)

    These pads are fantastic and last forever.

  300. Matthew Monferdini (verified owner)

    We got two primo pads for our pups. The little girl is NOT an aggressive chewer but our little man is. He has done wonderful with having the primo pad in his “bed”. He has not even tried chewing it or digging it up. It has a nice tight fit and is way more comfortable for them both to lay on in their crates. Awesome product and thank you so much for the prompt shipping!

  301. Kristina Benson (verified owner)

    I’m a dog trainer, and I use these for all of my student dogs. The dogs love them for their comfort. I love them for their practical use—they are indestructible and easy to clean. Plus I love the colors!! I recommend them to all of my clients!!

  302. Christine P. (verified owner)

    Awesome pad! It’s now been over a month since I bought my first two, I quickly added a third pad after just a couple of weeks. These have so far withstood chewers (she goes thru blankets and crate bottoms) and scrapers (Boxer that ‘nests’ and digs at the crate floor pan). Plus I have a dog that used to constantly manage to slip the plastic crate pans out of his crate all the time and was constantly disturbing meetings d/t the noise. Now no noise and no being able to slip the Primo pad out!

  303. Megan H. (verified owner)

    This is our third Primo Pad for our growing Lab. They are the best. He can’t destroy them, they are easy to clean and provide cushion.

  304. Paula carlson (verified owner)

    Easy to set up ! Easy to clean ! Best of all my extreme chewer has left this pad alone. I am so happy he has some comfort for his elbows and hocks
    I have bought 5

  305. Sheri G. (verified owner)

  306. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect for dogs that need cusion but can’t be trusted with a dog bed in their crate.

  307. Mara W. (verified owner)

    Added two more to our Primo crate pad collection since they are indestructible and easy to clean.

  308. Jody (verified owner)

    As always quality product at reasonable price. Long lasting crate pad.

  309. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Have been through so many destroyed beds. Landed on primopads and am not disappointed. It’s been the only bed to stand up to our young puppy. We use the optional tie downs. I am so thankful!

  310. Julia W. (verified owner)

    My dog loves it, and I do, too! It is so much quieter when he moves around in the kennel. He doesn’t seem too get hot like he did with the bed. Best purchase I’ve made in a long time!!!

  311. Diane F. (verified owner)

    I have an Australian Cattle Dog who is an aggressive ‘nester.’ My Primo pad has held up for 3 years. I’d highly recommend this product.

  312. Mary Brandstetter (verified owner)

    I love these pads! I do foster for a husky rescue and eventually one of my foster dogs destroys it. But they last for quite a few dogs

  313. Lara Wolf (verified owner)

    These fit in the crates perfectly. They add cushioning and decrease noise. We kept our pup in a crate in our room and when he would adjust himself, it was pretty noisy with the tray that comes with a crate— even though we had a soft “bed” in the crate that fit well. This pad ends that… do we all slept better through that puppy stage:)

  314. Marilyn Cones (verified owner)

    Love the Primo Pads! Have them in all of my crates. Great for the Berners all year. Add a cozy pad in the winter for the small dogs.

  315. Patricia T. (verified owner)

    These Crate pads are great. They fit perfectly! The dogs do not chew on them and they are pretty well scratch proof!

  316. Ruth Atkins (verified owner)

    I asked a question when ordering but never received an answer.

  317. Lisa Stewart (verified owner)

    Best crate pad ever! Our boxer went through (destroyed) every bed/pad since we brought him home. One bed at least a week was destroyed until Primo pad! Problem solved! Highly recommend.

  318. Elysia (verified owner)

    We have two primo pads and they are both fantastic!

  319. Ellen E (verified owner)

  320. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fits the crate very well. The tie down straps are nice. Our boy hasn’t started chewing it yet – it’s been a week! That’s a world record!!

  321. Anonymous (verified owner)

    So far so good for a 9 month old Great Dane!

  322. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I had some issues where one of my dogs tore up a 48 inch pad in less than a day. They replaced it and added a lockdown system via request. They helped me and made everything much easier. 100% recommended them

  323. Carol C. (verified owner)

  324. Carolyn Johnson (verified owner)

    I Love Primo Pads! Wear well, easy to clean, dogs comfy.
    I will never use anything else in my crates. And great color selection!

  325. Richard (verified owner)

    So far so good with a super chewer puppy. Mat secured tightly to cage floor and measurements were precise.

  326. Andrea (verified owner)

    These crate pads are the best. We have two young dobermans and they keep them comfortable without worry about them trying to destroy them. Wish I knew about them sooner!

  327. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    These pads are GREAT. I originally ordered a size that was too big. I measured the OUTSIDE of the wire crate according to the instructions on the website. However, I don’t take the pan out of the crate so because of that the pad was too big. Even though the website says it doesn’t pay for return shipping, when I called and explained what happened and what I really needed they sent me a return shipping label AND shipped the replacement smaller pads. The fact that this company treats it’s customers so fairly AND has such a sturdy good looking product is refreshing!! These pads fit my crates perfectly and I will recommend them to everyone!

  328. Cheryl G. (verified owner)

    Perfect for our Chesapeake Bay Retriever Sailor – he finds it comfortable (no digging) and cool (no scratching). Great web site, easy to order and quick for delivery. Thank you

  329. Dave H. (verified owner)

    this makes 5 Primo Pads in our house and like all the others quality is top notch, fit perfectly, fast easy ordering, and fast shipping. Will continue recommending Primo Pads to everyone

  330. Deanna Montieth (verified owner)

    Awesome!! Super durable and easy to clean.

  331. adalid s. (verified owner)

    My dog is a huge chewer and scratcher yet he hasn’t destroyed it and has been a game changer

  332. Diane Linstrom (verified owner)

  333. Romana (verified owner)

    This pad was recommended by my puppy’s training/daycare facility and I was skeptical at first because he loves to dig/chew. But we’re two weeks in and the pad is still in perfect condition! I wish I knew about this pad when I was crating my older dog. Really happy with this crate pad.

  334. Zach C. (verified owner)

    Fits perfectly in our dogs kennel! Our dog loves to chew and de-stuff anything she can get ahold of, and we knew that if we got any other beds or mats, she would just rip them to shreds on the first day. However, we didn’t want her to just lay right on the plastic tray that came in the kennel. Primo pads to the rescue! With the lock down system, there’s no way she can pull up a corner to chew on it, and I feel a lot better leaving her in there for a few hours.

  335. Laura A. (verified owner)

    I have a European Doberman and a Belgian Malinois and my dogs love the primo pads. Best pads I ever bought!! Great product!!!

  336. Peter (verified owner)

    Extremely well made!

  337. Crysta (verified owner)

  338. Meredith T. (verified owner)

    Best K9 pads out there! Thank you so much!

  339. Joyce Muller (verified owner)

    They are the best pads

  340. Kathy Rhoades (verified owner)

    Love this pad. I plan on ordering bigger ones for the other dogs.

  341. Lori Courtaway (verified owner)

    These are amazing!!!!

  342. Cynthia M. (verified owner)

    Love pad, works great in the crate and not worried about it getting chewed up. Will eventually order more for the other dogs (we have six)!!

  343. Julie C. (verified owner)

    BEST crate pads ever!!! Easy to clean and durable! We have one in every color and a pad in each kennel. The pups like them too

  344. Evelyn (verified owner)

  345. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Pleased it came in a cardboard box without plastic packaging…less toxic smells! N better for our earth. Perfect fit too! Thank you n GO USA.

  346. Sarah P. (verified owner)

    I love these Primo Pads. I use them in my training barn for dogs staying overnight. They are indestructible, easy to clean and best of all, quiet. I recommend them to all of my clients!

  347. Karen Juser (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase for my very high drive German Shepherd . Despite his best efforts the first one remained intact so I purchased a second for his other crate

  348. Christopher Yang (verified owner)

    The pad is awesome! Fits perfectly, love the straps to keep the pad in place, durable, and the dog loves it!

  349. Camille B. (verified owner)

    Wonderful product. Also, when FedEx lost the package Primo Pad Customer Service was amazing in locating it and keeping me updated.

  350. Anonymous (verified owner)

    So far so good, our puppy enjoys having something to lay on since he’s chewed up all the others. He doesn’t seem to be able to bite at this and it’s nice to simply wipe up any spills.

  351. Kim (verified owner)

  352. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Our new puppy loves the pad and it works great for cleaning up after her. Pad arrived quickly and the quality a good quality product.

  353. Brittany (verified owner)

    Love our primo pads! Arrived super fast, excellent quality , and super easy to clean!

  354. Michael (verified owner)

    great product!!!

  355. Sara (verified owner)

    Our seven month—old Samoyed is a chewer, but the stability, cushioning and fit of this pad in his Midwest crate have left him satisfied! No chewing or shifting. Great product.

  356. Loretta (verified owner)

    These crate pads are awesome! Only thing my dog won’t chew in the crate.

  357. Lynn Powell (verified owner)

    The last kennel pad you will ever buy. Not only are they chew proof as proven by my Bully, GSD, Mal and Dutchie, but they love laying on it. First time in a while that my 14yo has been comfortable in her kennel.

  358. Jenny (verified owner)

    I’ve only used them for two days but they survived the night with crazy springer pups. You can tell they tired hard to pull them apart but they didn’t. Hoping this works out I’m tired of cleaning up fluff!

  359. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Just received my third Primo Pad. Great customer service, fast shipping and a quality product. Thank you!

  360. Diane Talbot (verified owner)

    This company has a quality product and is easy to work with, great customer service!

  361. Lisa S. (verified owner)

    My Boxer Elliott is a bed destroyer! But those days are behind us! He’s met his match! Love the primo pad !!!!

  362. Donna Chancey (verified owner)

    I’ve been purchasing these pads for many years and couldn’t live without them! Every new puppy/dog starts out with one in every crate as they grow. Even the occasional chewer who use mastered chewing it, Primo Pads graciously replaces it. Thank you Primo Pads for making this multi Rottweiler household safe and happy!


  363. Amy (verified owner)

    Durable pad, fits great

  364. Trisha (verified owner)

    Pad fits perfectly in his crate, so my boy cant chew on the edges. Easy to wipe liquid off of as well.

  365. Kate L. (verified owner)

    Just bought our second primo pad and can’t say enough good things about it. It’s extremely durable, fits the crate perfectly and holds up to lots of wear from daily use by our GSD including the pad being washed regularly. Where other crate pads had issues with wearing out or water penetration from cleaning, this one has really held up!

  366. Barbara M. (verified owner)

    She hasn’t chewed it up yet, and that is saying something!

  367. Rhonda Boyd (verified owner)

    My lab that destroys everything hasn’t tore up his primo pad was so impressed I ordered 6 more then 4 more of them for the rest of my dogs and foster dogs

  368. Amy W. (verified owner)

    Love this crate pad! Very well made!

  369. Elizabeth Welch (verified owner)

    It is Awsome, very comfortable for out puppy and yet she can’t chew it up

  370. Adam (verified owner)

    Great tough pads that hold up in our busy ER!

  371. Wendy Jackson (verified owner)

    This was the pad that saved my bank account. I bought 4 regular pads over time for my yellow lab puppy. She ate them. Not till a Primo pad arrived I saw the light.I am on my 2nd because I got her a larger crate
    This Primo Pad I needed NO tiedowns. My dog realized this was the UNchewable kind she is a happy girl. Thank you for Primo Pads. Wendy Jackson

  372. Sandi (verified owner)

    These are absolutely wonderful. Had to buy more because they are so great, mine was stolen and I came back for another purchase of 2. I have 2 mastiffs and my first one held up over 5 years (the one stolen) so I’m a repeat customer who will recommend these pads to you all

  373. Pamela D. (verified owner)

    I love these pads. Easy to clean and my dog likes it too!!!

  374. Elizabeth E. (verified owner)


  375. Brock S. (verified owner)

    Perfect for our dogs

  376. Gordon Land (verified owner)

    Our lab pups have eaten every bed we’ve given them. They haven’t touched these and at last have soft bedding to sleep in again. Great product

  377. Mitchell A (verified owner)

  378. Melanie A. (verified owner)

    The pads fit well.
    Initially I thought they were made to large, until a friend told me to remove the black tray that came with the kennel. I did not see it mentioned on the website that removing the tray was necessary before installing the pads.

  379. charles pennington (verified owner)

    Works great ,very nice pad

  380. Lynn (verified owner)

  381. Robyn (verified owner)

    Great pad! It will now be my goto choice.

  382. Beth G. (verified owner)

    We love these pads! Durable, easy to keep clean, stay in place. We have them in every crate.

  383. Susan R. (verified owner)

    I am very impressed with the fit of the pad in the wire crates! My Show Pug has chewed SEVERAL “tuff” crate pads and I will say, he was a little puzzled when he got in his crate and there was a Primo Pad in there! LOL!! He dug at it for a bit and then realized he was not going to be able to pull it up or chew it! Love the product! One of my main concerns was that it would make him to hot but that was not the case. A++!!

  384. Jennifer F. (verified owner)

    Great and durable

  385. Lisa Stumpf (verified owner)

  386. Sharyn A. (verified owner)

    This is the best crate pad ever! Love that it “locks” into the crate so my dog can’t get to the edges and chew them. The quality is outstanding and it’s so nice to be able to just wipe it clean.

  387. Ashley (verified owner)

    Best crate mats on the market…and they LAST!!! Highly recommend!

  388. Beth Fitzgerald (verified owner)

    Great product cut to fit crate and shipped quickky

  389. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I highly recommend Primo Pads! They’re easy to clean, and a great option for dogs who can’t have stuffed or fabric beds. They also make walking around in a crate less noisy. I love my Primo Pads!

  390. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The pad we ordered, tan color, fits perfect, is nice and sturdy, and arrived quickly. Our new puppy slept well her first night on the pad.

  391. Tracy B. (verified owner)

    The only bed our heeler pup hasn’t chewed up.

  392. Matt G. (verified owner)

    Primo Pads are the most durable dog bedding that I have ever seen hands down. It took my Corso over a year of “digging” on his before he finally got through the material and I had no reservations about ordering another! These look great and are very easy to clean. I highly recommend them!

  393. Cathy S. (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and they last forever.

  394. Daniel J. (verified owner)

  395. Karen M. (verified owner)

    Love primo pads. Have them in all my crates in and in the veichle. Even have them at the grooming shop to help with old or disabled dogs. Easy to clean.
    Some are at least 7yrs old and still.look great.
    They have held up to my bloodhounds digging, chewing etc. Even my pitt hasn’t destroyed his yet.
    The custom sizes fit perfectly.
    Thank you

  396. Frank W. (verified owner)

    The pad fits perfectly, my dog is comfortable, and he can’t tear it or move it around

  397. Merry Coulter (verified owner)

    This is the fifth one I have purchased I will never use anything else but these in my crates I love them highly recommend them !

  398. Barbara (verified owner)

  399. Logan (verified owner)

    My dog kept chewing on blankets so I got a primo pad. He tries to scratch at it but it hasn’t shown any signs of ripping!

  400. JoAnne Brettschneider (verified owner)

    I have primo pads for all my crates. I still have my original ones in as good of condition as the newest ones. They hold up forever.

  401. John H. (verified owner)

    So far, I’m impressed! I have. 65lb pit mix that destroyed his last mat. I can see where he clawed the heck out of the primo pad mat but no visible damage after wiping the mat. He tried, he really did, but so far it is in one piece!

  402. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It’s a great crate pad for my doberman. We’ll worth the money. You won’t have to replace it like other crate pads.

  403. Christine (verified owner)

    While not indestructible, our dog has managed to only chew off one corner compared to a standard bed that was reduced a pile of fluff in one day.

  404. Deena (verified owner)

    I bought this for my first Greater Swiss Mountain Dog almost 4 years ago and it is still holding up amazingly! I ordered another one for newest Swissy addition. I highly recommend!

  405. Ashley (verified owner)

    Asked my friend about these for my puppy since she raises German Shepherds for search & rescue – totally chew proof!

  406. Kristine E. (verified owner)

  407. Jeannine (verified owner)

    Taz & Murphy prefer this pad.

  408. Averill (verified owner)

    This is our second Primo Pad. Our first is still doing its great job, now with a second dog (the first died at 17 and the more recent dog is 14; and no, the Pad did not last the whole lifetime of both dogs, but it’s definitely at least 10 years old; it has one wear spot in it, about 1 x 1/2″, which I’ve vinyl taped; I expect several more years of comfort from it ). The dogs do very well on the Pads, sometimes even spending long times in the crates. No stiffness, no chewed-up pads, super-easy to clean — perfect!

  409. David Weaver (verified owner)

    Great pad, our second one as we have two crates for our dog. Perfect fit, soft, cool, durable, and easy to clean. Absolutely nothing negative to say. You can’t go wrong with one of these.

  410. Kathleen G. (verified owner)

    These pads are made good but not strong enough for my boxer. He has ripped 2 of them already. This one was purchased for another boxer that I just got. Hoping he doesn’t do the same.

  411. Megan H. (verified owner)

    They are great for our Lab. Think is our second one as our puppy just graduated to a larger crate.

  412. Rachel (verified owner)

    So far, Leo loves his primo pad! It is so easy to clean and fits perfectly in his crate. I feel so much better knowing that his joints are supported rather than lying on the hard plastic tray. He does not like any soft material because of the heat, so he loves the primo pad because it’s cool.

  413. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Yes they can rip if dogs dig at them but they are well made and a sturdy pad that lasts a long time

  414. Brad L. (verified owner)

    I had to replace one because my rott was able to scratch one to the point where she could chew it. Otherwise, these are awesome and very sturdy

  415. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great mastiff crate pad! Good fit !

  416. Donna M. (verified owner)

    The pad fits perfectly in my dog’s crate. I’m very happy with it.

  417. Brianna Moore (verified owner)

    Perfect fit for our girl, and she has not even tried to rip or chew it up! Recommended by our dog trainer, and so happy with this product!!!

  418. Laurie E. (verified owner)

  419. Jeannette R. (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with the quality & durability of the pads. Our Dobies would chew other soft beds but have not chewed the Primo pads. Also easy to clean up

  420. Erin (verified owner)

    Very durable. Lasted a good 2 years (longer than the standard crate bottom) with my pit bull who likes to tear things up when bored.

  421. Richard (verified owner)

    Have not used yet pup not here yet. looks very durable and like the tie downs!!

  422. Joyce T. (verified owner)

    So far so good! My 100 pound rotties hasn’t destroyed it yet and that’s an accomplishment for sure!

  423. Victoria (verified owner)

    Love primo pads! I’ve bought 3 so far, and they are great. Easy to clean, and my dogs seem very comfortable too. Will definitely be back for more soon!

  424. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My dog has destroyed any bed or blanket we left her with, but she loves this mat. Very durable and she is much calmer with the extra comfort.

  425. Daniela (verified owner)

    The best and most durable pad on the market.

  426. Tanya H. (verified owner)

    I have bought several of these awesome pads over the years in different sizes. I love them. I tell everyone about them. No more destroyed bedding.

  427. JILL P. (verified owner)

  428. Linda Harrison (verified owner)

    I ws worried that the pad would not fit the crate for some reason or another. It slipped in there perfectly and all is well.
    Tough enough to handle new puppy stress, looks nice and I think it’s enough padding for comfortable puppy bed. I am very happy with it and it far exceeds something you’ll buy at one of these discount stores that you’ll end up replacing very soon. This appears to be a purchase with a long life. Im’ really happy with the Primo Pad.

  429. Susan M. (verified owner)

    I love these pads, they are easy to clean and provide joint comfort for my bloodhounds. I have them in all my crates, at home, in the van or at the shows!

  430. Nanci R. (verified owner)

    Thank you for making a great product!

  431. Kay C. (verified owner)

    Very easy to order. Quick and efficient delivery. Love these very durable crate pads for our Irish Setters,
    especially when travelling in the vehicle. Highly recommend to anyone who wants a comfy pad for their dog.

  432. Lorrie Jergenson (verified owner)

  433. roanne rist (verified owner)

    I love Primo pads like everyone else. My dogs to everything and they do not chew these pads. Not saying they couldn’t but for some reason they don’t and I absolutely love it. They got so excited when I put the new pad down. Thank you very much for your incredible work.

  434. Mindy F. (verified owner)

    finally a cushion my dog doesn’t ruin. plus easy clean up

  435. Stefanie F. (verified owner)

    I can’t be happier with the quality and fit, I have these in all my crates.

  436. laurie (verified owner)

  437. kristy c. (verified owner)


  438. Margie (verified owner)

    The pads are great and offer good support.

  439. Melissa G. (verified owner)

    Love this crate pad! I have dogs that chew so this is a fantastic alternative.

  440. Marla Corey-Loiola (verified owner)

    Great service!

  441. Barry (verified owner)

    The product is as advertised. It’s good that you include the fastening system making it very difficult for the dog to chew the edges. My only issue was that I called twice and left messages with the answering service and never received a call back. Poor customer service.

  442. Vince A. (verified owner)

    This is the second primo pad I’ve ordered and they are amazing! I bought this one for a smaller travel crate. The other is 3 or 4 years old and still good as new. Love primo pads!

  443. Donna W. (verified owner)

    Perfect for elbows. Fast delivery. Love these pads.

  444. Tracy Feist (verified owner)

    These are the only pads that we have found to last. Most of our Oldes have had them for over a year. If you have diggers, the top layer of the pad may wear sooner. They are super easy to sanitize too. We’ll definitely be ordering more when needed.

  445. Katherine (verified owner)

    My puppy doesn’t try to shred and loves the cool texture of the pad!

  446. Jason W. (verified owner)

    Awesome pad, first one our dog hasn’t been able to figure out and chew up. Fits perfectly In the crate.

  447. Debra (verified owner)

    These crate pads are awesome for crates at home or vehicle crates. They are easy to keep clean.

  448. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It fits our wire crate perfectly. Love the lockdown straps. Looks very durable and comfortable for our dog.

  449. Lorena S. (verified owner)

    I have a 6 month old Husky and he loves to chew on everything, including beds. He destroys them all so he has to sleep without one. I bought a primo pad and put it in his crate and so far I’ve been highly surprised because he hasn’t tried to chew it even once!! He is going to his crate on his own at night time now. Highly recommend Primo Pad! Plus, it’s always good to know I am supporting a smaller business and not big ones like Amazon. Everything went smoothly – from paying to shipping and delivery!

  450. Anonymous (verified owner)

    fits great and so far indestructable

  451. Ciceron Opida (verified owner)

    Liam loves it he is not trying to chew nor scratch it!!( he is a Great Dane)

  452. Stacy (verified owner)

    This is the second primo pad I have purchased and they are wonderful and super easy to clean. My 2 St Bernards love them!!

  453. Trish G. (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these pads. We have all different size crates for as the pups grow. They work wonderfully. I have several different colors now , blue , green , purple and black

  454. Sheree Hopkins (verified owner)

    I have been buying these pads for my Bulldogs for years. They always pee on fabric beds, so I needed something durable and something waterproof. I have been so happy with these. They last forever!!!

  455. timothy s. (verified owner)

    Great product ,very durable. Our puppies love them.

  456. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Royal blue is great with our black lab puppy. She tries like crazy to tear it up with scratching but no marks at all

  457. Michelle A. (verified owner)

    Easy to clean! Fits perfect in my dog’s kennel. My dogs love them!

  458. Susan Shingleton (verified owner)

    I love these pads. I have purchased enough now to outfit every crate. They are every bit as good as the “more expensive- almost double the price” other brand.

  459. Larah M. (verified owner)

    Perfect water/dirt resistant bed for camping trips! Plus we can use it in our dog’s crate and he even enjoys using it in the house.

  460. Marcy H. (verified owner)

    this is the only mat our German Shepherd can’t destroy! We love it!

  461. Pam (verified owner)

    Love our Primo Pads! Strong and durable yet comfortable for our pups! Easy to clean and keep cleaned! Highly recommend!!

  462. Geoff (verified owner)

    Looks very well made.

  463. Rod M. (verified owner)

  464. Carole B. (verified owner)

    Great quality crate pads!

  465. Kathryn Lovan (verified owner)

    I have used these pads for 20 years and love them I have some that are at least 15 years old. I gave tgg he me in every crate in my house. Love them.

  466. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great crate pads! Only one my dogs don’t chew!!!

  467. Brenda (verified owner)

    Love the pads, I have had them for years, rarely do I have to replace them.

  468. Diane C. (verified owner)

    This is our second set. We have one set for the crates in our house and the second set is for the crates in our camper. These are the only pads they have not been able to destroy but adds plenty of comfort. We are so happy we have primo pads.

  469. Donna Mouser (verified owner)

    I love these pads but I wish they had a stronger coating. I have eight dogs and I have two that scratch the coating off.

  470. Shala (verified owner)

    My 7 month old Rottweiler loves these pads. She has never tried to chew them up. If I put blankets or anything else on top of the pad, she pushes those aside and sleeps on the pad. It keeps her cooler so she sleep better. Extremely durable.

  471. Julie Coder (verified owner)

    Best pads ever!!! Durable, soft and easy to maintain. Definitely recommend

  472. Debby L. (verified owner)

    I love the Primo Pads for my dogs. They are well made and easy to clean.

  473. Josh (verified owner)

    I bought one at a dog show and wasn’t even a year and the thing had completely lost its first layer. Was extremely cracked, I was told by the guy at the show next time I saw him that when it got a little “worse” that they would replace it. I reached out to them recently and they denied me. Real nice of them to say one thing to a customer and mean another…

  474. Raquel (verified owner)

    I have used primo pads for years and absolutely love them. They are super durable and easy to clean! Customer service is great as well!

  475. Karin G. (verified owner)

    Extremely durable and I am very pleased with the quality!

  476. Craig (verified owner)

    I’ve got an Aussie that has destroyed every other crate pad we have purchased. Been a couple months and no issues. These definitely live up to the billing

  477. Lynn Snyderman (verified owner)

    Before finding Primo Pads, my puppy chewed every pad, blanket, or towel that we tried to line his crate with. He was sleeping on the bare plastic tray for weeks and we felt terrible about it, but nothing was safe from his little teeth. Primo Pad has worked wonders. There are no edges for him to grab and chew, and it is padded enough that we are guilt-free putting him to bed in his crate. I heartily recommend this product!!

  478. Elizabeth M. (verified owner)

    The dog trainer who boarded and trained my pup uses primo pads and recommended them to me for my 7 month old pup. My pup loves to chew blankets and dog beds and we wanted something we could safely use in his crate without the worry of him chewing/eating or damaging. We have had the primo pad for about a month and it is holding up well. My pup cannot chew the pad. We purchased the zip tie option. It took a little time to zip tie the pad to the metal crate, but I was able to tuck the zip ties under the bottom so the ties are hidden and the pad was well secured. I am happy with my purchase and would recommend the primo pad to others.

  479. Jahala (verified owner)

    This is the second Primo pad I’ve purchased. Having a Rottie means there’s a challenge to keep them comfortable without overheating – he loves the fluff but will just push away blankets or regular crate pads – however, with the Primo pad he’s perfectly comfortable. Thank you!

  480. Anonymous (verified owner)

  481. Elizabeth Pavone (verified owner)

  482. Linda (verified owner)

  483. Karen Juser (verified owner)

  484. Jessica (verified owner)

    Excellent products! I have a few pads over 10 years old. I highly recommend.

  485. Helen A. (verified owner)

    We bought this because our Great Dane drags every crate mat out of the crate and then sleeps on the hard plastic tray. Now the pad is secured to the bottom of the crate, and she hasn’t been able to figure out how to move it! She has a much more comfortable bed when she decides to nap in the crate. We’re very pleased.

  486. Bree B. (verified owner)

    Honestly, I was skeptical when I first saw these pads, BUT they came so highly recommended that I took a chance and ordered 4, one for each of my wired house crates.

    WOW, was I impressed, they are PERFECT. Super easy to clean, they literally just wipe off. Now that it is getting warmer, the surface stays cool which the dogs like.

    I have already recommended these to my clients and would purchase them again without hesitation.

  487. Robert Kocher (verified owner)

    So far so good! Swayze has chewed through everything prior to this pad! Love the tie down option.

  488. Maureen H. (verified owner)

    Amazing tight, precision fit

  489. Kathryn (verified owner)

    Great crate pads!

  490. Susie (verified owner)

    Love primo pads!

  491. Linda W. (verified owner)

    Excellent service representative and these pads are the best! My breeder recommended for our Greater Swiss Mountain dog. I have three different size crates and perfect pads to fit.

  492. Ellen J. (verified owner)

    The pad fit in the crate perfectly. The Lab puppy hasn’t started working on the edges yet. He might never be able to reach them since we tucked them down and in. The pad is easy to wipe clean.

  493. ANDREW HILL (verified owner)

    Awesome as usual!

  494. Michelle S. (verified owner)

    Arrived fast and exactly as ordered. Very high quality product – great value. Wish I had learned of it sooner – a friend told me about them.

  495. Susan (verified owner)

    Perfect fit. I did buy the one with the tie downs, but given the tight fit of the pad, I would not have needed the tie downs. Overall very satisfied.

  496. Teri Mabon (verified owner)

    I have been purchasing Primo Pads for years now. They are the BEST! They have custom – made several pads for me, and every single one has been spectacular. It has become the new norm for a new pad each time a new crate is purchased or custom-made, too! I am so very happy for Primo Pads

  497. Stacy Slade (verified owner)

    I absolutely love primo pads for my dog crates! I have five of them and wouldn’t choose anything else. Durable, easy to clean, comfortable and cool. I couldn’t ask for anything better!

  498. Sherry (verified owner)

  499. Jennifer H. (verified owner)

    Love it! Best of all my super chewer/destructive golden has not torn this bed up! Sized perfectly for my wire crate.

  500. Lori Courtaway (verified owner)

    Amazing! Well made and fits perfectly. This was the solution for my dog that eats blankets. This pad is soft but firm and fits pan snugly. Easy to clean and very durable. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  501. Nancy (verified owner)

    Love the comfort it provides my ridgebacks. The young ones can still figure out how to destroy one when they start at a corner.

  502. Marilyn C. (verified owner)

    Wonder product, have them in all of my crates.

  503. Alexandra (verified owner)

    Superb product. Pads arrived fast, fit perfectly, easy to clean…love them.

  504. Cassie (verified owner)

    Great pad, dog seems to like it. Not to hot or cold. Seems to be pretty durable and easy to clean. Pet hair doesn’t stick to them. Will definitely be getting another pad

  505. Alex (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase…I have one in each of our 2 crates…I have Border Collie and this is the only mat he cannot chew!!

  506. Donald Wilson (verified owner)

  507. Sophie (verified owner)

    Nice to have a safe pad for dogs that like to chew up any other soft padding

  508. Andres Ramos (verified owner)

  509. David Weaver (verified owner)

    Absolutely great product, nothing negative to say at all. It fits perfectly inside the 48″ crate. It is easy to clean after accidents, and shows no signs of wear and tear after 4 weeks. We’re very happy with our Primo Pad and would recommend it highly!

  510. Ann K. (verified owner)

    Our dogs (German Shepherd, a Rottweiler & a Borzoi) love these pads! Durable and nice & cool. So easy to keep clean. Well made product.

  511. Mary Jane (verified owner)

  512. Anonymous (verified owner)

  513. Joanne (verified owner)

    These pads are such great quality and a great value. I do a lot of dogsitting and if I leave crate doors open the dogs go in by themselves to have a comfy spot to lay on . Such easy clean up too! Just wipe them down. And SO sturdy. Then throw the fast service from this company and that is why I have ordered repeatedly and recommended these pads to clients❣️

  514. keniya redding (verified owner)

    i love it! my dog that can’t have blankets now has something to lay on that’s comfortable and she can’t eat it

  515. Laurie M. (verified owner)

    Love these pads! Found you guys at a dog show years ago.. I’ve been using your pads every since. I would never think about using anything else to line my crates.. Thanks Primo

  516. Jean (verified owner)

    First pad that has withstood my dog’s chewing! I highly recommend.

  517. Nancy M. (verified owner)

    So far, so good! My German Shepherd utterly destroyed her memory foam crate pads. While this pad may not be as soft and comfy, she has not made any attempt to chew it!

  518. Kathy (verified owner)

    Fits in my soft crate perfectly and can still collapse it for travel. Now I don’t have to crawl in fix the blankets!

  519. REBECCA (verified owner)

    Absolutely precisely what I ordered! Perfect pad for the back of my car where my pups stay.

  520. Kari D. (verified owner)

    Quick shipping, very durable and cleanable….a puppy crate must have!

  521. Samantha Brigham (verified owner)

    The only bed in my dog’s crate that hasn’t gotten chewed to pieces! My 8mo shepherd loves it!

  522. AnnaMarie D. (verified owner)

    Love the Primo Pad! Love the fact that it is easy to clean, sanitary, comfortable, and cushioned enough to make my dog’s crate comfortable.

  523. Constance Haywood (verified owner)

    Perfect customer service, as ever!

  524. Daniel (verified owner)

  525. Diane B. (verified owner)

    I like that bit of extra cushion that it gives the dogs when they are lying in their crates.

  526. Annie K. (verified owner)

    I just love this company and have for years! Every time we get a new kennel we order a new pad.
    Also the customer service is outstanding, I will continue to use and suggest to everyone I know that Primo Pads are the best!!

  527. Anonymous (verified owner)

    These pads are easy to clean and very durable. The company will help you out at every turn! Very professional and service oriented!

  528. melanie (verified owner)

    it’s a great pad but my dog won’t lay on it. too hard. so i use it under her soft pad for support and she’s happy

  529. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased two of these. Excellent product.

  530. Lee C. (verified owner)

    I totally love these crate pads and so do my dogs!! I have long-haired mountain dogs who hate the heat, so use these as cooling pads in the house as well as in their travel crates. They hold up wonderfully to both my 150 lb male and my teething youngster!! And the multiple sizes and custom fits have allowed me to get these for my cargo area in my vehicle for them so I don’t have to worry about them catching a nail on seat pull handles or stepping into the small gaps between seats! Their customer service is excellent, they are a true pleasure to work with – I simply cannot speak highly enough about this company and their product.

  531. Brandi G. (verified owner)

    We have 2 puppies 10 months old that have chewed through every bed or blanket we put in their kennel with them. We thought we would give primo pads a try, and they are great! The girls cannot chew them, dig them up, or anything. We are a month going strong with them.

  532. Susan M. (verified owner)

    I have a 6 mth old lab mix and this is the first pad that she has not destroyed. She has destroyed 5 other pads within a day but it’s been a few months with the primo pad and she has not touched it and she loves laying on it. I got the zip ties with mine to tie it down. I am so happy with my purchase and it’s puppy approved. Thank you!

  533. Linda M. (verified owner)

    Love it! Highly recommend

  534. Diane V. (verified owner)

  535. Susan (verified owner)

    Simply the BEST crate pads for our dogs! Pads are supportive, waterproof, & long lasting!

  536. Donna (verified owner)

  537. Lois (verified owner)

    The pads are durable and fit the crates well but have a terrible odor so I will not buy again.

  538. Pamela (verified owner)

    Finding the right fit for the pad in the crate and learning how best to put it in the crate (remove the detachable bottom) made all the difference. My year-old, high energy, ‘Destructo Pup’ has not tried to chew on it once!!!

  539. Laura Turner (verified owner)

    So far, so good! Our Doberman has not been able to puncture, tear or rip through this pad in over a month!

  540. Janis (verified owner)

    Best crate pads ever (we have 3). Sturdy, easy to clean and fits the crate well. We have a “chewer” (60-lb. Samoyed) and he has never done anything to the pad in the crate. He willingly runs to his crate at night to go to sleep. It’s obviously comfortable and cozy to him!

  541. melody (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my primo pads I purchased and so do the dogs. Had I known I was going to buy 5 I would’ve gone for 6 and a discount. Easy to keep clean and my puppy doesn’t try to eat it.

  542. Hannah (verified owner)

    The best kennel pad out there!

  543. Trisha K. (verified owner)

    I have a Doberman that destroys every bed placed in his cage. The Primo Pad has lasted longer than any other. It has been in his cage for over a year and he has not destroyed it. Definitely recommend.

  544. Tamara Hazlett (verified owner)

    I’m a trainer. I recommend these to my clients. They are fabulous. Easy to clean, durable, keep them cool and give a soft surface to lay on. I’ve had one for 12 years. Love them!

  545. Beth F. (verified owner)

    Great product, fast delivery

  546. Karen (verified owner)

    It’s perfect in every way. It’s a perfect amount of cushion. It stays nice and cool. It’s easy to wipe clean. Perfect in every way.

  547. Suzanne Taurone (verified owner)

    Replaced my original Primo pad after 2&1/2 years! LOVE IT!

  548. Wendy (verified owner)

    Provides a soft foundation for Pippa’s crate. Much better than the towels and blankets we were using. The pad will be bigger than you think; order smaller.

  549. Elizabeth S. (verified owner)

    Love it! Fits perfectly in crate. My lab, who loves to dig, hasn’t been able to tear it or destroy it. Also wipes clean easily. Highly recommend!

  550. Lawanda (verified owner)

    The best thing ever I wished I would have found them before going through so many beds my dogs sleep so much better it is unbelievable!!!!

  551. Curtis Neill (verified owner)

    THANK GOODNESS for Primo Pads! Prior to being referred to Primo Pads, my 15 month dog was shredding any and all types of bedding that I would place in his crate. He willingly goes into his crate and actually rests on his Primo Pad bed! I really appreciate how the material stays cool and is so easy to clean!

  552. Jeffrey (verified owner)

    Great crate pad. Has held up to my Doberman that destroyed everything else (beds blankets etc.) I put in the crate for her, including 3 or 4 of the plastic crate trays.

  553. Kathy E. (verified owner)

    These are the very best crate pads on the market. They are comfortable, cool, and have nothing for your dog to chew. We have them for our travel crates as well as our wire crates.

  554. Liana M. (verified owner)

    I normally don’t write review but these pads are literally the best thing I have ever bought for my dogs. They love them. My puppy has not destroyed hers which was my only hesitation with these. I felt safe purchasing due to the 30 day warranty.

    Extremely easy clean up for accidents. I use the tie downs so I took the whole kennel outside and hosed it down and then disinfected. Regular cleaning is easy too, can wipe down quickly with a Clorox wipe or rag. Hair does not get embedded into them.

    I also think they are fairly cool in temperature, similar to laying on tile, which works well for my husky mixes. Wish I had known about these mats sooner. Highly recommend!

  555. Kristine E. (verified owner)

    Primo pads are the BEST!! We have purchased quite a few now and they are very durable and well made! Wonderful customer service and we highly recommend Primo Pads!!!

  556. Diane (verified owner)

    New Shepard mix puppy chewed everything in his crate. Primo pad still intact after 2 months and with the softer surface he now loves going in his crate.

  557. Melody (verified owner)

    I am a breeder of English labradors. All of our dogs have a primo pad in their crate. It’s the only pad I have found that my dogs cannot destroy. Of the 11 we have only one has some damage & we have had them for a few years. Easy to clean and the dogs seem very comfortable. I recommend them to anyone who asks.

  558. Shilo Hanna (verified owner)

    I love all of Primo Pad’s products! I’m a professional dog trainer and recommend them to all of my clients!

  559. Tony F. (verified owner)

    These are perfect for crates. They are very durable, easy to clean, and stay cool which dogs love. This is a no brainer.

  560. Anonymous (verified owner)

  561. Ashley W. (verified owner)

    Excellent product! The only dog mat I have found that my Am Staff mix puppy cannot destroy. Very happy to have found Primo Pad. It is also easy to clean.

  562. Jodi (verified owner)

    I have these pads for my 2 tosas and my GSD. They are the only beds that they have not torn up. I don’t worry about them getting horrible calluses on their elbows. I even have them in the car crates for long training days. Easy to clean and love the tie down ones too! I recommend them to everyone!

  563. Jessica S. (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and great products!

  564. Katie (verified owner)

    I have probably spent close to $700 in various crate pads for my dog until I found this…he chewed all others within a week. So far this one is holding strong. So far so good and this pad has lasted the longest. Not only is it durable, but my pup is willingly going into his kennel to relax on this pad more often.

  565. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Is doing really well with one dog but my puppy ate the corner on the other one. I was hoping it was a little stronger.

  566. Nicole (verified owner)

    Super happy with the primo pad! My dog loves it and is unable to scratch it/chew it like with her previous crate mats.

  567. Cathy Rounds (verified owner)

    We have primo pads in all our crates. Keeps the dogs comfy and the young ones from ripping everything up.

  568. Alisa (verified owner)

    Our Primo Pad is working very well so far! We recently welcomed a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy to our family and he seems to enjoy the pad when he’s in his crate. It handles his light digging as he “makes” his bed for the night. We haven’t had any night-time accidents yet, but seems easy enough to clean if/when something does happen. So far so good!

  569. roberta (verified owner)

    Pad fit the crate well and was very comfortable, but my dog managed to scratch up and pull back the corner of the pad and chew through it while I was at the dentist for an hour and a half.

  570. Becky B. (verified owner)

    So far so good My 1 dog that has chewed everything thing I have put in with him has left the primo pad alone

  571. Megan C. (verified owner)

    Genius design. Primo pads are the only crate beds my Pitbull mix and Terrier mix haven’t destroyed. We spent a ton on several “durable” crate pads for our dogs, but they never lasted longer than a month. Our Primo Pads are still unscathed after almost two years. We only needed to repurchase one when we got a bigger crate for our Pitbull.

  572. Lizzie (verified owner)

    I love them!

  573. Elaine K. (verified owner)

    These crate pads are amazing. We have 11 of them and couldn’t be happier. We have several dogs (bulldogs and staffies) that destroy everything, but since these can be zip tied to the bottom of the crate, they don’t try to dig them up.
    Will definitely purchase more if ever needed

  574. Anonymous (verified owner)

    We just received our Primo pads for our Lab puppies and they are perfect for the crates. Great size options and a quality product! Our breeder recommended we get them and I am glad that we did as they will provide comfort to our pups now as well as when they age in the future. Great customer service as well!!

  575. Cathy Choyce (verified owner)

    I bought this crate pad for my 5 month old Doberman puppy, who destroyed two other crate pads. It is a perfect fit & a perfect pad. I’m so happy to have discovered Primo Pads!

  576. Anonymous (verified owner)

    They fit perfectly!

  577. Patricia (verified owner)

    Best purchase I’ve made! My dog is a chewer and he has destroyed every kind of bedding in his crate. This is easy to clean and cooler for him! We’re both happy!

  578. Karli (verified owner)

    So far so good! I saved money and ordered the most similar size to my Lucky Duck crate instead of ordering custom. Still fits great and is keeping the crate clean and comfortable! Was stiffer than I imagined but I’m sure it will soften a little over time.

  579. Cortney Leavitt (verified owner)

    We love primo pads! They are perfect for a new puppy or an advanced chewer. I highly recommend them to everyone. So glad my friend recommended them to me!

  580. Nicholas G. (verified owner)

    Amazing quality, perfect fit, and fast service.

  581. Meghan R. (verified owner)

    Fits perfectly! Thank you.

  582. Teresa West-Holmes (verified owner)

    This is the single best investment you can make when bringing home a new canine friend. Life is better with a PrimoPad!

  583. Deb Reetz (verified owner)

    It is wonderful, well worth the $

  584. Cat Thomas (verified owner)

    Unfortunately my 11 mo. old lab was able to dig a corner damaging the exterior liner and pulling out padding, we hadn’t had pad 1 full month. 🙁 🙁

  585. Darin (verified owner)

  586. Rachel S. (verified owner)

    Love our Primo Pad! Durable, easy to clean, affordable, and comfortable. What else could you want? The moment I put the Primo Pad in the crate, my dog immediately wanted to lay down (which he almost never does). I’ll never buy a different brand of crate pad!

  587. Joanne (verified owner)

    Love these pads. So easy to clean and they are extremely durable. I do a lot of dog sitting and originally ordered some Primo Pads 7 years ago and they are still in perfect condition. And the fit is perfect!

  588. Janet R. (verified owner)

  589. Eileen J. (verified owner)

    This was recommended by my Doberman chat forum, and we are hoping that this is the bed he does not destroy! So far, so good! My son picked the color, and it is VERY purple!
    Update 5/12/21: Still doing great, dog doesn’t have to spend as much time in his crate now that he’s abandoning his puppy behaviors, but not a scratch or tear on it! 100% worth it.

  590. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Wish the pad came in a light grey.

  591. Sherry B. (verified owner)

    Wonderful product. Have a Primo Pad in every crate I own (and I own a lot)! I have Bullmastiffs so they appreciate the extra support and I love minimizing elbow calluses. Exceptional service. Fast shipment and delivery. You absolutely can’t go wrong with Primo Pads. Your dog will thank you for them!

  592. Yvonne (verified owner)

    Our dog loves her new Primo Pad! We attached it securely to the bottom of her crate and she hasn’t been able to chew on it at all!

  593. Lois (verified owner)

    See above

  594. Mary (verified owner)

    We use these primo pads for the elderly dogs or dogs with incontinence, they are easy to wash and the dogs seem to enjoy them.

  595. Amanda Osborne (verified owner)

  596. Brittany G. (verified owner)

    Love this bed for my husky mix! She destroyed every bed we had put in her kennel but this fits perfectly in her crate and she has nothing to nibble on since it is made almost like a gym mat. We are so happy that we were able to finally find something that is soft and comfortable for her to sleep on.

  597. Stephanie (verified owner)

    Nice fit and replacement for wire crate pan.

  598. Chloe (verified owner)

  599. Joy (verified owner)

    Fits perfectly!

  600. William Walsh (verified owner)

  601. Kendra M. (verified owner)

  602. Barbara (verified owner)

  603. Sunny (verified owner)

    SO durable! My pup digs at it like crazy before bed, and it’s still intact.

  604. Anne (verified owner)

    Our puppy kept eating any and every blanket/pad we put in his kennel. So these pads were a last ditch effort. We have had them for about a week now and no issues! It fits pretty tight in both kennels, but haven’t had any issues with the dogs pulling up the corners as we got the tie downs.

  605. Anonymous (verified owner)

  606. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The pad is quite hard but better than the plastic tray in the crate. So far my chewer hasn’t been able to damage this. He has scratched it a little, but nothing damaging, which is saying a lot. Would definitely recommend at this point. Worth the price.

  607. Heather Bowen (verified owner)

  608. Anonymous (verified owner)

  609. Elizabeth M. (verified owner)

  610. Kirsten Lebo – Talusan (verified owner)

    I bought this for our 5 month old bernedoodle on the recommendation of the trainer and she LOVES it. She is a very fluffy dog who tends to run hot and always wanted to sleep on tile. I bought one of those gel cooling pads which she promptly chewed up. This pad solved the problem. It is firm but somehow not super hard and it seems to keep her cool. She slept a solid 8 hours on the first night!

  611. Denise Ball (verified owner)

    I love these pads – now have them for all show crates and house vari kennels

  612. Jason Slocum (verified owner)

    My dogs love their new pads, even the one who has destroyed literally every single other dog bed he’s ever had, I think he’s finally met his match. These pads are easy to clean and tough enough to last. Could not be happier with my purchase, I wish I had known about this product sooner!

  613. Kenny Hatfield (verified owner)

    Great pad. Exact fit into crate. Durable any easy to clean.

  614. Wendy Wilson (verified owner)

  615. David S. (verified owner)

    Our boxers love them. they’ve destroyed every other pad we’ve tried to use.

  616. Lisa Christman (verified owner)

  617. Antoinette (verified owner)

  618. Deana C. (verified owner)

  619. Janis (verified owner)

    Great product, well made, fits perfectly in the crate. Have had it ~2 weeks and my pup hasn’t bothered it or tried to destroy it, which was an issue with every previous bed. The edges fit tight under the edge of the wire crate so she can’t get the edge up to chew on it.

  620. Debra (verified owner)

    Just perfect!

  621. CYNTHIA (verified owner)

    I like the fact that it’s tough, waterproof, and attaches to the sides of the crate. Even though I bought the recommended size for my crate, it was still a little too wide and we had to force it in. It doesn’t lay quite flat. No complaints from my dog, though, and I’m encouraged that future cleanups will be easier.

  622. Tellus Calhoun (verified owner)

  623. Sharon S. (verified owner)

  624. Anonymous (verified owner)

  625. Sarah (verified owner)

  626. Alyssa l. (verified owner)

    Great pad for my GS who couldn’t help but eat his other beds. This is indestructible and fits the crate perfectly.

  627. Gloria Mattison (verified owner)

  628. Demi F. (verified owner)

  629. Autumn Boyle (verified owner)

    Fits very tight in the crate

  630. Dawna M. (verified owner)

  631. Anonymous (verified owner)

  632. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fits great, easy to clean, hopefully she won’t be able to eat the pad.

  633. Peggy M. (verified owner)

    Best of all is the product. I ordered several pads. The true test was the one for my girl, Solo. She has chewed every blanket, bed and crate pad I’ve tried! I put her new Primo Pad in her crate and…. it’s surviving! In the beginning she dug at it a little. It didn’t cause any damage and now she has given up. It’s incredible that she now has a cushioned mat to lay on!

  634. Susan Latcham (verified owner)

    hi I purchased thewrong size and need to send back and get a much smaller size for a 30 inch crate, can you help me with this! Thanks!

  635. Anonymous (verified owner)

  636. Chris (verified owner)

  637. Dana Riotte (verified owner)

  638. Julie D. (verified owner)

    Definitely solved our problem with bed chewing. While it took a couple of nights for him to get used to the new crate pad, he has now adjusted and is chewing his toys and not his bed!

  639. Keith D. (verified owner)

    Great product. They can handle Bull Terriers.

  640. Jennifer (verified owner)

  641. Megan (verified owner)

    Love these pads for my Newfoundlands! We have several and they have held up for years. Great quality.

  642. Jackie M. (verified owner)

    I love these crate pads. I think I have at least six; not because they wear out but because I keep finding uses for them. So easy to clean and maintenance. I have a double coated breed that like to stay cool and these do the trick!

  643. Anonymous (verified owner)

  644. Susan K. (verified owner)

    There sizing is spot on and my pad destroyer has hers after 10 years. Got one for my new puppy.

  645. Elaine Groves (verified owner)

  646. Anonymous (verified owner)

  647. Amy E. (verified owner)

  648. Anonymous (verified owner)

  649. Anonymous (verified owner)

  650. Vanessa R. (verified owner)

  651. Robert T. (verified owner)

    As usual, the pad was the correct size and it fits great. Thank you.

  652. Steven B. (verified owner)

    Perfect pad for my four month old lab. She sleeps much better on her Primo pad than she did the blanket we had in her crate!

  653. Howard (verified owner)

    Second Primo Pad I’ve purchased since 2011/2012, multiple dogs, great product. My german shepherd kept getting calluses on his knees/elbows no matter how many blankets he had. First pad outlived the dog. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one does too.

  654. Anonymous (verified owner)

  655. Kristen V. (verified owner)

  656. Korine Falk (verified owner)

  657. Kelly (verified owner)

    I love my primo pads! I have three of them now. I bought my first one 8 years ago for my golden retriever puppy and it’s STILL in her crate today in mint condition. They’re soft enough the dogs can be comfortable but durable enough to withstand puppyhood and not a choking hazard. I have never purchased the lock down straps. Highly recommend primo pads to everyone with a dog.

  658. Angela (verified owner)

    This is my 4th primo pad I got and I can say is the best purchase I ever made. I highly recommend this product. My 4 labs loves them.

  659. Brenda (verified owner)

  660. Mary Jo Waltman (verified owner)

    I haven’t been able to try them.

  661. Cindy Petkwitz (verified owner)

    If you have a dog that digs and tears up beds this is the best.. We have wire cages so I got the one with the zip ties. It is perfect and the zip ties are great they are removable and reusable.. Thank you!!

  662. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Our dog destroyed several pads before we got the Primo Pad. We’ve had it for years and it is still in great shape. We recently purchased a second Primo Pad for our new dog.

  663. Steve (verified owner)

    Finally a pad that our little monster doesn’t immediately destroy! Thank you!

  664. Victoria C. (verified owner)

  665. Rae Owen (verified owner)

    Have loved these pads for years!! My dogs love them too!

  666. Kathleen G. (verified owner)

  667. Jane D. (verified owner)

  668. Michele K. (verified owner)

    After experiencing a newly adopted
    adult dog who chews anything and everything, I doubted I’d find a mat that he wouldn’t destroy. The lock-down ties are key! Thank you!!

  669. Shaye C. (verified owner)

    My dog has ripped everything else in his crate EXCEPT for this. He loves it and even goes into his crate on his own now!

  670. Martha (verified owner)

    I ordered the tie downs. The pad fit so tightly that they were not needed and in fact more difficult to use. All good… took them off. tough little items – good for those who needed. Tough item… she is not able to make a mess!

  671. Caitlin K. (verified owner)

    This is by far the best kennel pad I have ever bought. Well worth the money! Our 17 week old GSD destroyed every pad we bought for her… except this one! I followed the recommendations of the owner, which is when putting in the primo pad, do not let your dog see you doing so. I locked her in the bathroom while I installed it and when I let her out she went straight into her kennel and laid down! I bought the 30 x 48 pad for her kennel (icrate 30 x 48) and it is snug, fits like a glove! It seems to provide good support and our pup is quite comfortable in her kennel now. Save yourself some money and buy this pad right off the bat rather than going through the trial and error phase of finding a pad your dog won’t destroy!

  672. Melissa I. (verified owner)

    My Berner loves this as it provides support for her extra large body and keeps her nice and cool. Easy to clean

  673. Andres Camarena (verified owner)

  674. Kathy Frederick (verified owner)

  675. Nicole (verified owner)

    Our 4 month old puppy likes to eat and destroy everything! This crate pad is fantastic!! He can’t chew it, but he still digs and digs but this pad holds up! No holes or tears at all. Fits very snug in the crate, don’t know if that was a measurement error on my end however, it works!! So happy that I bought a second one.

  676. Christie D. (verified owner)

    Ordered 4. One has been chewed through

  677. Cathy M. (verified owner)

  678. Rosetta Barke (verified owner)

    Fantastic Product! Highly recommended

  679. Anonymous (verified owner)

  680. Jane (verified owner)

    When I got a puppy 3 years ago I had a different bed in the crate and he chewed a hole in it and got sick so I purchased a Primo lock down Pad and it was the best thing I ever did because he couldnt get it up to chew it. Well my son got a dog and i give him my extra crate and the pad. Now i just ordered another Primo Pad for my new puppy that I’m getting Easter Sunday. These pads are the best thing ever. If you get the lock down system at no extra cost the pup wont be able to pull it up and the can’t scratch through it. Pest crate pad ever.

  681. Anonymous (verified owner)

  682. Shelby A. (verified owner)

    Primo pads are the best!

  683. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Our pitbull puppy loves this! She chews everything, so we were leaving her in the crate with just the tray. Now that she has this, she is so much happier in the crate and hasn’t even tried to chew it. Would recommend to anyone looking for a durable option for their dogs crate!

  684. Dale McNeill (verified owner)

    These pads are great! My dogs love them. They go in their crates without me even asking them. They are durable and easy to clean as well. There’s really no better solution for a crate cushion.

  685. Anne (verified owner)

  686. Lili (verified owner)

    My puppy now kicks any blanket in his crate and sleeps on the pads by itself. I’m happier now that I know he is more comfortable in his little den.
    Fits perfectly in the crate.

  687. Jeanne W. (verified owner)

    Most durable mats ever. My two huskies chewed thru all their other mats but not enough teeth marks in these. Highly recommended.

  688. Wendy B. (verified owner)

    Can’t say enough about these pads. We recommend them to our puppy buyers.

  689. Alana Miller (verified owner)

  690. Nicole J. (verified owner)

  691. Anonymous (verified owner)

  692. Anne (verified owner)

  693. jeanie (verified owner)

  694. dawn zinkhan (verified owner)

  695. Trina D. (verified owner)

  696. Lynne D. (verified owner)

    Got my on time. Perfect!

  697. Barb (verified owner)

    Very nice pads! I have aggressive chewers and they haven’t been able to chew these pads!

  698. Robert Butler (verified owner)

    Absolutely solved my chewing puppy problem!! Thanks!!!

  699. Michael T. (verified owner)

    These pads hold up to whatever our Alaskan Malamutes can dish out. They are great!

  700. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I love the pad but it did not fit in the crate without me taking out the tray.I can see in the picture that the bottom tray is out which I was not aware you would have to take it out when I bought the pad. My puppy loves the pad

  701. Heather (verified owner)

    It’s been about a week or two so far and my dog has not managed to destroy it! Nothing else has lasted more than that, so I’m very happy she can finally have something in the crate with her.

  702. Julie (verified owner)

  703. Elizabeth B. (verified owner)

    The pad is extremely durable and fits snugly in the crate. We got the tie downs for it but as of now haven’t needed them. It will be very easy to clean and should last the life our our new pup!!

  704. Paula F. (verified owner)

  705. Rhonda Miklacic (verified owner)

    Totally amazing price

  706. Brandi Meese (verified owner)

    These pads are so solid and durable! I’m so glad I found them.

  707. Anonymous (verified owner)

  708. J Turner (verified owner)

    2nd one I’ve bought. Got one for my boy 1 year old husky. My girl 2 year old husky got upset and wouldn’t use her memory foam cushion any more. So got her one too. She is absolutely in love with her new pad. Thanks! Happy husky, happy human!

  709. Lori Courtaway (verified owner)

    Amazing and fit perfectly. Extremely well made.

  710. Teresa R. (verified owner)

    These were recommended to us by our dog trainer. We love how easy they are to clean and our dogs love their new comfy crates!

  711. Susan J. (verified owner)

    Excellent product!! First crate furnishing that hasn’t been destroyed!

  712. Elizabeth B. (verified owner)

    Absolutely perfect! Our border collie not only chews, she EATS beds and blankets. Shes has this for 2 weeks and hasn’t had ANY issues. Great price and great product.

  713. Brandy B. (verified owner)

    This bed fits so snugly in the crate that my pup hasn’t been tempted to try to pry it up to chew it. I also think the fabric isn’t something he’s interested in chewing. Also! Easy to wipe clean! Finally. He’s not a year old yet and this is bed #7.

  714. Hiram (verified owner)

    Love it!

  715. Paula (verified owner)

    We adopted Annie in September. She destroyed every bed we gave her—from crate pad to towels and blankets to an above the floor pet cot. The pet cot did the best; it lasted almost 24 hours.
    We have had the Primo Pad for nine days. So far, so good. We got the one that ties down with zip ties. Annie’s crate is 42″ X 28″. The Primo Pad for this size crate has 14—count ’em—14 zip ties! I don’t think she will EVER be able to pry up a tasty corner.
    Quality design, quality materials, quality service. You won’t regret buying this Annie-proof pad.

  716. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Love it!! Easy to clean and my dog seems to love it too. She’s constantly going to her crate, which she never did before.

  717. Elton (verified owner)

    It’s durable! My mini Australian Shepherd tries his best to dig it up and destroy it like other beds but it’s been a few weeks and he’s yet to claw it open.

  718. Megan Arison (verified owner)

    These are literally the best thing ever for wire crates. They are easy to clean, love the bright colors and you don’t have to worry about your dogs shredding them and ingesting them. I have four of them and will buy more in the future!

  719. Teena (verified owner)

    great pads very comfortable ordering more!!

  720. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good product and the lock down system is a lifesaver. My only complaint is that it is a little hard.

  721. Destiny Martel (verified owner)

  722. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Ordered for a friend with active chewer.

  723. Judi (verified owner)

    so far so good, it seems pretty well built.

  724. heidi s. (verified owner)

    Love them

  725. JoAnn H. (verified owner)

    Love the pad so far. Got the one with zip ties and it was easy to put in the crate.

  726. Robert Krumwied (verified owner)

  727. Nancy (verified owner)

  728. Tamara G. (verified owner)

    I ordered two and they both fit perfectly and the pink is the perfect color

  729. Dede Wilson (verified owner)

    So far so good! Perfect fit, well made, great purple color – and no destruction so far:)

  730. Sarah (verified owner)

    This is the first pad of many that our dog has not been able to bite holes in or tear up with his anxiety. It is awesome!

  731. Julie Hoffman (verified owner)

    I have a Malinois and she is a heavy chewer. She has not been able to chew this pad or dig it up and she has tried very hard! This is the 5th Primo pad I have owned. They seem to last forever and are very easy to clean! Love them!

  732. Michael Casasanta (verified owner)

  733. Michelle (verified owner)

    Perfect fit and my dog hasn’t destroyed it. Love this product!

  734. Megan N. (verified owner)

  735. Sherry Dahly (verified owner)

  736. Alisha P. (verified owner)

    Great for growing German Shepherd puppies. My 6 month olds love them. I am unsure if they would offer the support I want to see my 80+lb dogs have, but definitely a great pad that can take a beating from pesky pups.

  737. John Palmer (verified owner)

  738. Bruce M. (verified owner)

    I installed the Primo Pad in my 80 lb Black Lab’s crate several days ago, and so far so good. He’s previously destroyed 3 pads and 1 very expensive bed, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that this pad may ‘be the charm!’

  739. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My dog tried to build a nest in it and it didn’t move. Very happy with purchase. My second one!

  740. Hayley A. (verified owner)

    Amazing quality and you can’t beat that it’s made in the USA!!!! First dog bed our pup hasn’t destroyed, she’s a German Shepherd husky and we have gone through 4 different mats before finding primo pad. So thankful for the suggestion by our dog trainer. We will never use another pad for the kennel!

  741. Christy N. (verified owner)

  742. Laura Daughety (verified owner)

  743. Robin (verified owner)

    My 1st was purchased several years ago as a crate bad which was used that way for a year than as a dog bed for several years. That dog dug into it so I replaced it with a new pad. Love the fact that it’s waterproof. I highly recommend them

  744. Andrea B. (verified owner)

    I’m very satisfied with my dog’s Primo Pad. My 7 month old German Shepherd is a shredder, but she is enjoying her crate now. I ordered a 30″x48″ and it fits perfectly! No more shredding, so far so good!

  745. Leslie Townsend (verified owner)

    Our Primo Pad is perfect! It is very sturdy and fits snuggly in the bottom of our crate and gives our puppy a soft floor in her “bedroom.”

  746. Donna P. (verified owner)

  747. Megan S. (verified owner)

    I looked into Primo pads in search of something I could leave in my dogs crates while I was at work that wouldn’t break the bank. One dog had previously destroyed every other dog bed in less than a day, and my other would shove them in a corner and ball them up leaving them pretty useless. These pads fix both problems! I have been using them for about 2 weeks now and they fit very snugly inside their kennels so they cannot be moved around (i also use the clips provided with them) and they are in just as good of condition as they were when they arrived! They clean easily, and are great for added comfort so they don’t have to lay directly on the crate tray. I also got 3 mats for close to the price of ONE “indestructible” bed on other sites. I highly recommend them and am so glad I chose to go with Primo Pads!!

  748. Jill (verified owner)

    A very happy repeat customer! I’ve been using these pads for years and my dogs love them. Sturdy, durable, easy to clean, and comfy for the dogs. Thank you!

  749. Anthony G. (verified owner)

    High quality pad, tie down system works great.

  750. Julia S. (verified owner)

  751. Kathy E. (verified owner)

  752. Laura C. (verified owner)

  753. Erin A. (verified owner)

    The only bed that worked for my St Bernard.

  754. Samantha Nace (verified owner)

  755. Mary Hert (verified owner)

  756. Anonymous (verified owner)

  757. Anonymous (verified owner)

  758. Avery Gibbs (verified owner)

  759. Anonymous (verified owner)

  760. Anonymous (verified owner)

  761. Kimberly (verified owner)

  762. Jennifer Z. (verified owner)

    We love these pads for our dogs who sleep in their crates every night.

  763. Lorie W. (verified owner)

    They are working just fine. My one dog who tears everything up has met his match with primo pads

  764. Wayne Heikes (verified owner)

  765. Ed Harvey (verified owner)


  766. Charles M. (verified owner)

  767. William McGraw (verified owner)

    My dog was mightier than the Primo Pad. In the first 4 hours broke 6-8 wire ties, broke open the slots ties went through and chewed open a corner of the pad. He is a very strong and determined dog. I had to remove it as we just spent thousands on stomach surgery because he got into more trash and was not going to come out either way except for surgery. It is a very well constructed pad, but our JJ is a force to be reckoned with.

  768. Shelley Kacenski (verified owner)

    The only pad I will leave inside a crate with my Siberians! Over 10 years now and Love my Primo Pads!

  769. Jan Treharne (verified owner)

  770. Pamela L. (verified owner)

  771. Kim F. (verified owner)

    Best mat ever! Took a couple/few years for our dog to destroy it. Every other mat or bed we bought previously lasted a day at the most

  772. Robert Rieger (verified owner)

  773. Norm M. (verified owner)

    Pads look great and fit perfectly in the crate. I opted for the tie downs and like them. Delivery was easy and quick.

  774. Deborah (verified owner)

    Great pads for cages. Great quality for the price. I’ve ordered more than once for my pets. Well made and love the fact you can attach the pad to the cage.

  775. Linda (verified owner)

    Very rugged.

  776. Henry Fisk (verified owner)

    holding up

  777. Adele (verified owner)

    I had yet to find an indestructible dog pad/bed. My dog is a chewer. She has been home by herself for 3 days so far and so far so good!

  778. Marilyn Cones (verified owner)

  779. Jenell Zanotto (verified owner)

  780. Shannon P. (verified owner)

    Great crate pads for my dog! She goes herding and can get muddy/wet. The pad provides waterproof cushion for her crate and makes clean up easy. Fast shipping and always pleased.

  781. Leslie (verified owner)

  782. Meghan (verified owner)

    We have an 8 month old GSD who has already destroyed 4 beds. Our trainer recommended Primo Pads and our puppy hasn’t been able to damage it at all. We opted for the zip tie type locking system, which is no extra charge, and the Primo Pad is held securely in place.

  783. Cindi Rackler (verified owner)

    Fast delivery

  784. Lisa (verified owner)

  785. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I purchased 3 crate pads with the tie downs to test with my Pudelpointers that typically destroy everything. It’s been a couple of weeks and all three pads are still intact. Happy customer so far!

  786. Anonymous (verified owner)

  787. Kayla B. (verified owner)

  788. Caryn (verified owner)

    So far, so good. My big guy who has successfully destroyed every “chew proof” crate pad he has ever had hasn’t touched this one! Tie will tell!

  789. Erin M. (verified owner)

    Love it! And so does my boy. He loves to sleep in his kennel now. Wish I would have gotten one for him right away. No more destroyed beds and finally a comfy spot to lay!

  790. Shawn B. (verified owner)

    We found out about primo pads from our dog trainer and we are hooked. As a matter of fact, we bought a second one a few days later. We will be exclusively buying primo pads from now on for all our fur kids.

  791. Kathy Kerr (verified owner)

    My dog hasn’t been able to chew this pad up. It fits so well he can’t grab it anywhere. Live it!

  792. Deborah (verified owner)

    Best quality dog pads and the price is right. Great quality and very durable. Fast shipping too.

  793. Jerry L. (verified owner)

  794. Susan (verified owner)

  795. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this pad for my Great Dane! Not only is it easy to clean up messes, but it’s great for their bones too!!

  796. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Definitely a durable pad but not indestructible!

  797. Cathy Rudd (verified owner)

  798. Sarah (verified owner)

    These were my 5th and 6th Primo Pads purchased! All of them are still in use – not a single one has needed to be replaced after 4+ years. I have them in indoor wire kennels and travel kennels for my 2 dogs. I appreciate the durability and function of Primo Pads and I’m a big fan (obviously). I appreciate being able to give my dogs a little cushion in their kennels that have proven to be extremely durable.

  799. Dustin B. (verified owner)

    This is my third order with primo pad. I love this pad. It has held up to my Rotties great. My first Rottweiler had hygromas and this thing was a life saver. Now I’m using it to help prevent them in my other Rottweiler as well. This is a must have for Large and XL dogs! The guys at primo pad were awesome with helping me on my last order. My pad was damaged during shipping and with a little communication I received a new one right away. This product is the real deal so if your on the fence just do it! You won’t be disappointed.

  800. Samantha (verified owner)

    We loved our first Primo Pad so much we bought a second one for her smaller travel crate. We love that she is not laying on the hard bottom of the plastic crate liner, but she eats any soft bedding so this is a great compromise. She hasn’t tried to eat or mess with it once! Highly recommend!

  801. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I won’t use anything but a Primo Pad in my crates!

  802. Leah (verified owner)

  803. Diane L (verified owner)

    Primo Pads rock!! By far the best crate pads I’ve ever bought!

  804. Lisa N. (verified owner)

    I love my Primo Pads and am a repeat customer. They fit perfectly and tightly in my kennels, are super easy to clean, and durable. Well worth the investment and I will continue to buy them in the future!

  805. SANDRA (verified owner)

    I have been using primo pads for many years, after years of use some of them needed to be replaced.

  806. Katie E. (verified owner)

    Lives up to the hype. My 10 month old American Bully can get through anything. Primo pad has held up 10/10. I recommend getting the tie downs for major chewers.

  807. Suzanne (verified owner)

    I’ve been getting these pads for my working dogs for several years. I love them. Easy to clean! Reduces noise from dogs when they in their crates. Provides cushion for dogs that don’t like or can’t have bedding. When traveling in the crates dogs don’t slide around every time I make a turn. I’ve recommended to friends.

  808. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This pad fits my dog’s crate perfectly! I should of bought this pad in the beginning (instead of going through 2 pads and several chewed up blankets first).

  809. Christine Shackelford (verified owner)

  810. Kathleen Plowucha (verified owner)

    Outstanding quality and good value. I have Primo pads for all of my dogs crates and we have quite a few!

  811. Denise B. (verified owner)

  812. Anonymous (verified owner)

  813. Dee Blackwell (verified owner)

  814. Susan Foster (verified owner)

    Love them, bought 2

  815. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very good service. Product is excellent!

  816. Kevin R. (verified owner)

  817. Emily (verified owner)

    I loved it when we first got it and it seemed great. Then within a week my dog broke the zip ties and completely destroyed the pad

  818. Shirley Hanson (verified owner)

  819. Tara (verified owner)

    We have a pup dealing with separation anxiety (..thanks to being a pandemic pup..) who was previously eating her crate beds/blankets. This did the trick!!!!! I feel like a much better dog mom having something safe and padded in her crate!

  820. Brandy (verified owner)

    Love our pads! My dogs like the cool surface and I love that the pads reduce the noise when they move in the crate and how EASY the pads are to clean!

  821. Kirsten (verified owner)

  822. Lisa C. (verified owner)

    I am so impressed with this pad! I have tried other pads in the past for my Berners, but this one is by far the best. The material is very strong, water proof and easy to clean, and it keeps my pup cool.

  823. Kim (verified owner)

    Seems durable, we have had our pad for about a month and our 8 mo old lab tries and tries to scratch it opened and thankfully it is still in one piece and looking like we just got it!

  824. Jane (verified owner)

    Excellent product.

  825. Patricia S. (verified owner)

  826. Sue R. (verified owner)

    My dogs love their Primo Pads. I have one in every crate and a 42″ pad happens to fit the width of the cargo area in one of our cars so we use one there as well. I’ve had one in our younger lab’s crate since he was 3 months old and it’s as intact today as it was the day it arrive 2 1/2 years ago. This is the bed you want if your dog chews up soft bedding.

  827. Meghan (verified owner)

    After my puppy chewing up blanket after blanket I needed a solution, I was happy to have found these! They provide cushion so he’s not laying right on the crate and fingers crossed, but it’s been a couple weeks and he hasn’t chewed it up! The locking system is preventing him from digging up the pad to chew it, it’s working well!

  828. Diane B. (verified owner)

    I used these pads for the dogs comfort when they are resting in their crates. I am very pleased with this product.

  829. Christopher E. (verified owner)

  830. Keith W. (verified owner)

  831. Mary M. (verified owner)

    Only pad my Boston terrier has not destroyed. He does try to dig, but the zip ties don’t allow him to get a corner lifted so therefore he cannot chew it.

  832. Mary (verified owner)

    Works wonderful. Comfortable. Easy to install.